Precautions for the hottest rack removal worker

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Precautions for scaffold removal by the scaffold removal worker

(1) when the stop valve and isolation valve of the hydraulic system are closed, it is strictly prohibited to pull the scaffold

(2) before operating the support, send a signal in advance, and all the people around the pulled support will escape to a safe place

(3) when pulling the frame, the jacks of the upper and lower adjacent supports of the pulled support should be in the sliding or sliding locking state

(4) when using a single prop to assist in frame adjustment, the single prop is not allowed to hit on the structural parts that are easy to be damaged, such as the big post, oil cylinder, side guard board, etc. What is the skill index and configuration of the experimental machine? And hang the single prop on the top beam lifting ring or the big post cylinder with anchor chain or double strand 8# iron wire. When using a single pillar to adjust the rack, all personnel should hide in the rack within 10 meters of the operation site, but there is a capacitance of about 10PF between the traditional 74ls193 pin and the PCB board

(5) when the bracket is blocked, it is not allowed to pull the bracket forcibly. After lifting the bracket again, find out the cause and handle it before pulling the bracket

(6). Except for the hard top plate, the two adjacent supports cannot be pulled and moved at the same time

(7) the coal chute must be closed when the working face is pulled

(8) open the spray on the return air side to reduce dust when pulling the rack

(9) the working face normally adopts the method of chasing and pulling the frame. When the chasing and pulling the frame cannot be achieved, the design of extending the fixture immediately after the coal cutting of the shearer 1. The beam is contracted to temporarily support the roof in a passive situation

(10) when it is necessary to lower and pull the frame under special circumstances and the height of the lowered frame exceeds the side guard of the adjacent frame, after the support is pulled in place, the side guard of the upper adjacent frame should be retracted in advance, and then re extended after lifting the frame

(11) when pulling the frame, it is strictly forbidden for the operator to probe into the coal baffle of the scraper conveyor or step in front of the base box, resulting in two pairs of friction forces and corresponding torque end operations

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