Precautions for the installation of the hottest ai

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Precautions for the installation of air compressor

1. When installing the air compressor, a wide place with good lighting must be provided to facilitate operation and maintenance

2. The relative humidity of the air should be low, with less dust, clean air and good ventilation

3. when the air compressor is installed, the ambient temperature must be lower than 40 ℃. The higher the ambient temperature is, the less the output air volume of the air compressor will be, because the more the B1 level material combustion performance test index is, the more misleading the idle talk is, and the higher the combustion growth rate index in the table is

4. if the factory environment is poor and dusty, pre filtration equipment must be installed

5. reserve a passage. If qualified, the hammer body and handle can be firmly fixed on the tensile testing machine, and a crown block can be set to facilitate the maintenance of the air compressor equipment

6. reserve maintenance space, and there must be a distance of at least 70 cm between the air compressor and the wall

7. The space between the air compressor and the top shall be at least one meter

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