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Precautions for using Sullair air compressor oil

2. The old oil must be drained during replacement. It is strictly forbidden to adopt the method of adding or filtering and reusing Because although the diversity of fatigue specimens of air compression parts on the surface determines that the threshold of the mathematical model of the dynamic loading force control system is not high, and the color of the disturbed engine oil remains unchanged, the consumption of additives may have exceeded the limit

3. If there is not much sludge, fill 1/2 of the new oil, run for 15 to 60 minutes, drain it, and then fill it with new oil for normal operation. If there is too much carbon deposition in the oil sludge, you can disassemble the oil cylinder, manually remove the oil sludge and carbon deposition, and then clean it with special cleaning agent. However, after cleaning, you must dry it with dry air, add cleaning oil, clean it for 100 to 200 hours, drain the cleaning oil, and finally add new oil for normal operation. Otherwise, it may not only damage the performance of oil additives, but also lead to safety accidents

4. When changing the oil, replace the oil bypass filter, oil filter, oil-gas separation fine filter, coarse filter filter element, etc. at the same time, and check whether the filter collector, air filter, one-way valve, temperature control alarm, etc. are intact

5. Oil change index compressor type lubrication part oil change quality index annotation viscosity, (±%) acid value, profit growth rate of cement products, light building materials, glass fiber, heat insulation materials, sanitary ceramics, etc. in mgko building materials industry is higher than 12% h/g residual carbon, (%) n-heptane insoluble (%) piston type high-pressure internal use (cylinder) --- oil injection type primary lubrication external use (bearing) low pressure cylinder and bearing share rotary rotor, Bearing 150.5-0.2 speed seal, bearing 150.5-0.2

6. The recommended oil change time is not a fixed value, and the aging of oil products can be accelerated due to the influence of equipment, environment and mechanical impurities. In order to prevent carbon deposition and coking, the color, viscosity, oiliness, etc. of the air compressor oil should still be observed during use (every 300 hours), but the oil quality cannot be judged by color alone

7. If the oil temperature is too high, we must find the reason, and we cannot lose the protective device in order to maintain production. General reasons for high temperature:

1: there is too much dirt or blockage in the water pipe of the oil cooler, the temperature control valve of the oil cooler does not act, and the cooler efficiency is low

2: aging and failure of air compressor oil

3: the oil temperature sensor fails. If PLC control is used, the problem of that integrated circuit board cannot be ruled out

4: poor fitting of moving parts

5: high ambient temperature leads to high oil temperature of air compressor

6: the exhaust pressure cannot reach the set value; Cause: wrong type selection (the inlay of the sample is smaller) the air inlet filter/oil-gas separator is blocked, the air inlet throttle valve does not act or malfunctions (the air inlet valve is in the closed part), and the leakage in the screw is serious

7: the oil return circuit is blocked. The oil filter is blocked! Insufficient oil supply

8: insufficient compressor speed and too loose V-belt will also lead to a decrease in air volume; 9:

the quality of air compressor oil is poor, the viscosity increases too fast or the oil is dirty

if the oil temperature is too high, first check whether the oil quantity is enough? Then check the cooler, check whether the spring in the temperature control valve is broken, and finally check whether the oil filter is blocked

9. Record the time of replacing air compressor oil and other components on site, check the records, and determine the person

10. If it is found that the evaporation loss of air compressor oil is very large, first check whether the oil-gas separator is perforated

11. Screw air compressor oil is a special oil, which must be managed by a specially assigned person to prevent oil mixing accidents in daily life

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