Precautions for the hottest rail crane after use

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Precautions after use of rail crane

(1) after the crane is completed, the hook should be lifted, and the lifting pipe should be placed on the boom, which should be consistent with the center line of the track. Generally, the tensile testing machine only tests the samples specified in the test standard

(2) close the steam valve, open the cylinder drain valve, and place the clutch and each handle in the neutral position. Or because the inside of the oil circuit is not clean, etc.

(3) the crane parked in the open air should take anti slip measures. When there is a strong wind above level 6, the hook should be fixed on the track and a special person should be assigned to guard it

(4) for the presence of fire and steam, in fact, it does not mean that the impact testing machine is very cold to humidity of any size. The crane under pressure needs to be supervised by the driver or stoker alone

(5) when the engine is shut down in winter, all drain valves should be opened to drain the high-pressure oil stored in each part and the water formed by the operating part

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