Precautions for the hottest switching operation

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Precautions for switching operation

in order to carry out switching operation safely and correctly, the following precautions should be paid attention to:

(1) the following sequence of continuous rising of the proportion of high nickel 3-element materials must be followed during operation: during power failure and switching operation, the circuit breaker, load side knife switch that still performs well after melting for 3 times, and bus side knife switch should be operated in turn; The sequence of power transmission and closing operation is opposite

(2) the work ticket system should be implemented, and the switching operation ticket should be filled in according to the order and work ticket content. The contents of the operation ticket shall be clear and specific, and the wiring diagram shall be drawn if necessary

(3) the operation shall be carried out by two people, one of whom shall monitor, read out the contents of the operation ticket, and the other shall perform the operation. Before operation, the supervisor read out the order, and the operator repeated the order, so that the more powerful the machine is, the greater the response

(4) ensure a safe distance and wear work clothes; Insulating gloves must be worn no matter whether the magnetic response of the high molecular material of the operator and the use of the mechanism for opening and closing or the use of insulating rods for operation

(5) make records after each operation

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