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Nantong plastic polyethylene foaming insulation water transmission pipe technology passed the acceptance

the research and development of polyethylene foaming insulation water transmission pipe technology, a technological innovation fund project for small and medium-sized enterprises in Jiangsu Province undertaken by Nantong plastic polymer material Co., Ltd., passed the acceptance last week

in view of the excessive heat loss of the water delivery pipe of the solar water heater in the domestic market at present, the project applies the foaming technology combined with physical and chemical methods, in addition to the conventional glass raw material preparation technology used in the production of functional glass. Through the technical transformation and process optimization of the production equipment, the new solar insulation water delivery pipe with three layers of water delivery inner pipe, foaming insulation layer and protective layer is extruded and formed at one time. The product has the advantages of good heat preservation, high pressure resistance and not easy to aging, and will gradually replace the traditional water delivery pipe of solar water heater in the current market

the project is 13. Stress control rate accuracy: when the rate is less than 0.05% fs/s, the planned investment is 3.07 million yuan, the sales revenue during the project implementation period is 6.2 million yuan, and the new profit and tax is 1.08 million yuan

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