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Nanotechnology brings a new look to the packaging world (1)

the so-called "nano packaging" is a kind of packaging aggregation that applies nanotechnology and adopts nano composite (packaging) materials, so that the packaging has super functions or strange characteristics. The so-called nano packaging materials are nano composite packaging materials with nano structural units, which are made by compounding or adding particles or crystals with dispersed phase size of nm with other packaging materials. Nanostructures may become the basis for technological improvement. Once the critical size of materials can be controlled, the characteristics of new materials and the functions of devices can be strengthened, even beyond what we think possible

adding nanotechnology to the packaging bag can strengthen the barrier performance and extend the shelf life (photos provided: surface Specialties)

because the nano grains are smaller than the grains of conventional materials, the number of atoms on the grain boundary is more than the number of atoms inside the grains, forming a high concentration crystal boundary, which gives nano materials many different properties of conventional materials, such as high strength, high hardness, high resistivity, low thermal conductivity, low elastic modulus Low density, these excellent properties determine its wide application prospects in the future

green packaging aims to change people's traditional concepts, make full use of the comprehensive characteristics of packaging materials, pay attention to ecological balance, and make it greatly beneficial to the environment and human society. Nano packaging is to use nanotechnology to change traditional packaging materials and packaging technology, make the most effective use of atoms and molecules, endow materials with high-tech characteristics, pay attention to saving resources, and greatly benefit human society

new progress in the development of nano packaging in China

China's nanotechnology research started early, some technologies are in the forefront of the world, and many new achievements have been made in the field of packaging applications, and some of them have been commercialized

in May 2004, Beijing Huajing Wufang company launched its newly developed nanocomposite functional film, which greatly improved the performance of packaging film. The company adopts nano inorganic powder coating technology to modify the functional inorganic nano powder, which makes their application fields more and more extensive, improves the compatibility between nano particles and matrix resin, and prevents the agglomeration of four types of nano particles: particles

at present, the nanocomposite functional films developed by the company include antibacterial films, anti ultraviolet films and anti-static films. Its nanocomposite antibacterial film effectively overcomes the discoloration problem of silver antibacterial agents, and has high transparency, good weather resistance, non toxicity and low cost. It has good antibacterial effect on most common microorganisms such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Aspergillus niger; Its nanocomposite UV protective film uses the unique nano powder dispersion process and polymer matrix composite preparation technology, so that the film not only has good UV shielding performance, but also has good new Dow, so it does not need to bear the high R & D expenditure of transparency, weather resistance and chemical stability; The nano composite anti-static film adopts the composite technology of inorganic nano materials and film substrate, which can promote the refinement of polymer grains, make the film have good transparency, and greatly improve the anti-static performance

in July 2004, Gansu Province launched a major investment attraction project, the "nano pet" beer bottle manufacturing project with an investment of up to 200million yuan. The "nano pet" beer bottle adopts nano surface modification technology, which can meet the technical indicators required for beer canning. Its barrier property, acetaldehyde dissolution and flavor dissipation are lower than those of glass bottles. Moreover, the shelf life of beer bottled with this beer can reach 12 months. In the past, glass beer packaging has potential safety hazards that are prone to explosion, and the biggest advantage of "nano pet" beer bottles is that they will not explode. The project is ready to install 35 production lines. After being put into operation, the annual output can reach 900million, the output value is 545million yuan, the tax payment is 127million yuan, and the profit is 159million yuan. After being put into operation for one year and three months, the investment can be recovered. The project is an original development project, which has a complete set of technologies, such as equipment design and manufacturing, bottle blank design and production, and bottle blowing treatment, in addition to PET raw material production. This technology combines nano surface treatment technology with bottle manufacturing in one production line, with low cost and good market profit space. The overall cost of each bottle is only 0.21 yuan, while the cost of glass beer bottles is as high as 0.9 yuan. Once the beer bottle is put into production, the price of beer is expected to decline

China stipulates that during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, spectators cannot bring metal and glass bottled drinks into the venue. Therefore, at present, many enterprises have begun to develop nano plastic beer bottles in order to seize the market. The import volume of purple is 1.37 million tons; Among them, Jiang enterprises and Zhongfu industries, which rank first in the United States, have purchased equipment from husky company and plan to enter the nano plastic beer bottle market. Taiwan plastic industry technology development center also intends to work with Taiwan industry to develop nano plastic beer bottles. The gas barrier performance of this kind of beer bottle is close to the level of glass bottle, with good strength and heat resistance, light weight, and less transportation cost than glass bottle

other domestic packaging enterprises also pay more and more attention to the development and application of nanotechnology. Zhejiang Shangfeng Packaging Group Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in China's packaging industry. The company has achieved gratifying success in the development and application of nanotechnology in the packaging field. In order to promote the application of nanotechnology in the field of packaging, the company has specially established a research center for the application of packaging nanotechnology

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