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Cooling magic water coated on glass can reduce the room temperature by 10

coated on glass can reduce the room temperature by ℃. Yesterday, a magical "cooling magic water" appeared in Wuhan

"cooling magic water" is a "green light" brand glass platinum water introduced by a Shenzhen company from Japan and produced by using nanotechnology. "Magic water" is coated on the surface of the glass to form a thin film only 7 microns thick. About 9 layers of film are stacked up to reach the diameter of a hair

manager Lin, a Hubei distributor of glass platinum, took out two pieces of glass, one coated with "magic water" and the other not. At first glance, there is no difference. A closer look shows that the former is light green, a bit like tawny glass. Manager Lin took out the key and scratched several times on the glass coated with "magic water", but there was no scratch left

manager Lin said that "magic water" painted on the inside of glass doors and windows in direct sunlight can absorb more than 99% of ultraviolet rays and most of infrared rays, reducing the room temperature by ℃. The market competitiveness is further improved, but the visible light only absorbs about one fifth of domestic and foreign experts, well-known scholars and industry elites, which does not affect the lighting of the room. This layer of high-speed change signals can not be accurately collected in real time. The film will not blister, curl and wrinkle like the solar film, and can be used permanently. "Magic water" is an environmental friendly material, non-toxic, harmless and odorless. You can lick it with your tongue

"magic water" has a large cooling range. Will it be too cold indoors in winter? Ms. Han, the relevant person in charge of the manufacturer, said no. The infrared rays in the sun are different in winter and summer. In summer, it is near-infrared ray, and in winter, it is far-infrared ray. The glass coating can only block the near-infrared ray. Therefore, winter will not block the warmth of the sun. On the contrary, when the family is heating, the coating can play a role in heat preservation. The price of "magic water" is expensive, and the coating professionals also gave their opinions. The glass costs 498 yuan per square meter. Zhonghua glass () Department

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