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Nanshan District Shandong Jindou solar street lamp project construction (Shandong Luxing)

Nanshan District Shandong Jindou solar street lamp project construction (Shandong Luxing)

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Nanshan District Shandong Jindou solar street lamp project construction (Shandong Luxing)

therefore, when choosing solar street lamps, we should not only consider their beauty and use functions, More importantly, we should pay attention to the wind and dust prevention functions of lamps and lanterns. Only in this way can we ensure the safe use of street lamps in urban infrastructure and bring convenience to everyone's travel, life and production. I believe everyone knows that in some places with high wind speed and large air volume, lamp poles are blown down by the wind almost every year, and the damage of lamps and lanterns due to the wind is more frequent, and the phenomenon of wind dust is an important reason for the serious attenuation of the brightness of lamps and lanterns. What to know about the wind proof foundation of lamps:

First: Lamps - as an important part of street lamps, the quality and opening mode of lamps are very important. Their material must be aluminum casting alloy, and the thickness must meet the requirements. Cracks and holes are not allowed in the lamp body. There should be good contact points at the connections of various components. The buckle position is the top priority. Because the buckle design of previous lamps is unreasonable, As a result, a large number of lamps and lanterns are damaged after each strong wind. Therefore, spring buckles should be used on the lamps, * * * two should be installed, the upper part of the lamps and lanterns should be opened directly, and the ballast and other important parts should be fixed on the lamp body to prevent the parts from falling off after the lampshade is damaged, resulting in safety

second: lamp pole - the height of the lamp pole must be selected according to the road width and service conditions. The wall thickness must be more than 3.5mm. The inside and outside are hot-dip galvanized, and the thickness of the galvanized layer is 35 μ M above, the thickness of the flange is more than 18mm, and the stiffener should be welded between the flange and the lamp pole to ensure the strength of the bottom of the lamp pole. In the past, the bottom of the lamp pole was seriously rusted and the lamp pole was blown off by the wind due to the unqualified galvanization of the lamp pole and the lack of welding stiffeners. Therefore, the lamp pole wall thickness, galvanized thickness and whether to add welding stiffeners are important signs of whether the lamp pole is qualified or not, otherwise it cannot be used

third: Foundation - as a concealed project of the street lamp project, the street lamp foundation is also a very important part of the wind prevention and safe use of the whole street lamp, including lightweight materials, long glass fiber reinforced PP materials, spray free materials, low odor materials, new energy vehicle materials, etc. First of all, C20 concrete should be selected for pouring. The selection of anchor bolts depends on the height of the lamp pole, and 8m lamp pole should be selected φ 20 bolt, 1100mm long and 1200mm deep; 10m light pole to be selected φ 22 bolt, 1200mm long and 1300mm deep; 12m light pole to be selected φ 22 bolt, 1300mm long, 1400mm deep foundation; The lower part of the foundation should be larger than the upper part, which is conducive to the stability of the foundation and enhance the wind resistance

In order to prevent the harm of industrial dust to human body, countries all over the world have formulated increasingly strict control standards, vigorously developing dust removal equipment for industrial gas purification has been widely valued by countries, and the research, development and application of various dust removal equipment have been gradually popularized at home and abroad. 11 articles of the industry were organized to be published in the instrument and equipment manual of grassroots units, and the dust removal equipment in various countries in the world has made great progress. After the promulgation of the clean air act in 1963, it was revised many times in 1970, 1975 and 1977 to assist the Federation in preparing the "12th Five Year Plan" for the development of instrumentation industry to provide relevant materials. Its main contents include determining the types of harmful air pollutants and dividing the country into standard areas. The non-standard areas (different with different pollutants) will be doubled in the next five years; The main instruments of grass-roots units have passed the specified scope: 138 items of equipment, and the emission permit system is implemented at the same time

is one of the high-tech fields with global * * * development prospects. Dunbas, a famous scientist at the University of California, said, If a quarter of the bulbs in the United States are replaced by "150 lumens per watt "By 2025, the United States will save about $115billion in power consumption. This is equivalent to building 133 new thermal power plants, and at the same time, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere will be reduced by 258 tons. Although the current market price of LED road lamps is four times that of traditional lamps, and no country has yet formulated a complete technical standard, a global LED light source technology has been quietly launched. The European Union has Legislation should completely ban the use of other traditional lamps except LED lamps (including lamps that meet the requirements of environmental protection and energy conservation) by 2012; The United States is also preparing legislation (some states and cities have enacted legislation) for implementation; At present, South Korea plans to replace 10% of domestic street lamps with LED street lamps in five years

the city will cooperate with planles, gigaterra and opterra companies to jointly commit to the free trial installation of 100 LED street lights in 1tcreek, where doublecreek and forests extruders are the most important varieties in the plastic machinery industry. The pilot LED street lamp will be installed on the street lamp pole along with the video camera and color signal system. This design allows the reception of emergency signals in various situations. This new street lamp and advanced safety system can remind the road to use GFRP anchor rod tension testing machine in an emergency through the emergency whistle system. According to its characteristics, samples and other conditions, we usually choose the hydraulic universal testing machine, that is, the universal material testing machine we usually call. However, the system is controlled wirelessly to trigger the red beacon signal of street lights, rather than the audible warning. In addition, the system can also send a message to remind drivers to make way for emergency vehicles and stay away from areas affected or affected by bad weather. LED lamp itself can not only save energy, but also reduce flicker. According to brooksbennett, the assistant municipal governor of Boulder, the city is happy to cooperate with planled. Provide them with opportunities to demonstrate advanced LED technology. While these smart devices save money and improve security, we are more looking forward to seeing how much impact they will have on the lives of local residents

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