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Nansha River basin regulation: launch the budget of 148 sub projects of 10billion

release date: Source: environmental protection

on June 29, Anshan City, Liaoning Province held the press conference of Nansha River Basin water environment comprehensive regulation system project and the completion ceremony of environmental protection project

the press conference said that in order to repair the ecological environment of the Nansha River Basin as a whole and create a new space "suitable for living, industry and tourism", the municipal government has carried out systematic planning for the Nansha River Basin since 2019. At present, the comprehensive environmental improvement plan has been completed

the core content is "one belt", "two centers", "three sections", "four areas", "five axes" and "multi nodes", of which "four areas" refer to eco-tourism areas, characteristic cultural and tourism areas, quality livable areas and industrial experience areas. The plan is clear, and the comprehensive environment of Nansha River Basin increased by 18.72% year-on-year; The net profit is 38.6594 million yuan, including five special projects and 148 sub projects

five special projects:

first, environmental protection projects, mainly the construction of sewage interceptors and sewage treatment facilities; Second, water conservancy projects, mainly including river cleaning, dike reinforcement and rainwater collection system construction; Third, municipal engineering, mainly to improve municipal infrastructure such as municipal roads, bridges, pedestrian greenways and underground pipelines; Fourth, landscape engineering, mainly including the greening of parks along both banks of the river and the construction of ecological wetlands; Fifth, housing projects, mainly the reconstruction of old residential areas along the line and land consolidation and development

at present, six sub projects have been completed. It is estimated that the total investment in the comprehensive improvement, development and construction of the water environment in the Nansha River Basin is nearly 10 billion

it is worth noting that in April 2020, the outlet reconstruction project of Nansha River Basin in Anshan City has been completed. After the completion of the project, it is an effective, direct and feasible way to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction. The automatic control layer of the outlet monitoring system can collect and control the data of on-site equipment and instruments. The urban domestic sewage and initial rainwater will be intelligently diverted through the SCADA construction atmosphere system, and will first flow into the intercepting main pipe, then lead to the sewage treatment plant for water quality treatment, and then discharge, so as to improve the overall environmental quality of the Nansha River Basin

since 2019, Anshan City has emphasized that the comprehensive management of the Nansha River Basin should be based on the principle of treatment first and development later, and the Nansha River Basin area of more than 300 square kilometers in the territory should be built into a place to undertake new industries and new business forms in Anshan, a new hot land for innovation and entrepreneurship, and a new economic growth pole in Anshan

the comprehensive environmental improvement system project of Nansha River Basin fully covers all the mainstream and tributaries in Anshan City of Nansha River. Its project contents include the reconstruction of drainage outlets, the construction of waterfront greenways, which can be used to establish normal working methods, greening and landscape projects on both sides of the river, the construction of wetland parks, etc., and fully build livelihood projects around livability and innovation

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