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China's nanotechnology research and development is gradually entering the international mainstream

China's nanotechnology research and development is gradually entering the international mainstream

March 4, 2008

[China paint information] 14. Reliability: user-defined limit and end experimental conditions "at present, China's and wood's own" microbubble structure "has suffered different degrees of damage, and nanotechnology achievements are still based on basic research, with low conversion rate. Only about 5% of the laboratory results can be transformed into large-scale production. " He Dannong, assistant director of the National Engineering Research Center for nanotechnology and applications, said that it was the "low-key" advance of China's nanotechnology transformation achievements that caused today's embarrassing situation

in fact, in the field of nanotechnology research and development, China has made some achievements with world influence in recent years, especially in the fields of nano materials, nano devices, nano biology, and even can be said to be the world leader

take a nano magnetic bead nucleic acid diagnostic reagent developed by Shanghai Jiaotong University as an example, which is smart enough to accurately and quickly capture various cunning viruses such as hepatitis and AIDS hidden in the blood in the "window period". There is also the "industrial preparation technology of sheet graphite black bottom conductive coating for color kinescope" project of East China University of science and technology, which is to apply nanotechnology to color TV black bottom conductive coating technology, Thus, the international monopoly of this technology has been broken, and the competitiveness of China's color TV industry in the international market has been improved. In addition, a series of achievements such as tetrahedral platinum nanocrystalline catalyst with high surface energy and carbon nanotube composite fiber, which were first manufactured by Chinese scientists, have proved that China's nano scientific research level and R & D capability have reached the international leading level

in the outline of the national medium and long term science and technology development plan issued by the State Council in 2006, it is clearly stated that nanoscience is one of the four main directions of basic scientific research in the next 15 years. The key research and development projects related to nanotechnology include the core technologies of Nano Electronics and nano biology, the development of micro nano electronic and mechanical systems on the submicron scale, and so on

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