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Nanyang construction waste recycling project introduces Sino Italian crushers

Nanyang construction waste recycling project introduces Sino Italian crushers

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in early August, Henan Nanyang daily 2300 ton construction waste crushing station, the largest construction waste recycling project in the Central Plains, officially entered the trial production stage. It is understood that, This mobile construction waste crushing and screening station is the most advanced type of construction waste treatment equipment in the world, which was introduced by Nanyang Zhengwei environmental protection engineering company into Zhengzhou Zhongyi Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. The completion of the project has established the leading position of Zhengzhou Zhongyi mining machinery in the production and development of mobile construction waste crushing equipment industry

Nanyang, Henan Province, has a very fast urbanization rate, and a large amount of construction waste concrete is produced every year. In the past, the treatment method was to pull it to the ravines in the suburbs for landfilling. With the strengthening of environmental protection and its extensive utilization, the technology of on-site recycling of construction waste at home and abroad is becoming more and more mature, especially in European and American countries, the recycling rate of construction waste has reached more than 95%

as the first construction waste recycling company established in Nanyang, Henan Province, Zhengwei environmental protection has successively investigated many brands at home and abroad, successively visited Shanxi Yuncheng Chengwei company, Xiaoyi keerfeng, Nanjing if it is not bright, it will not show speed Shunjia, Zhejiang Tongye environmental protection and other companies to inspect the production sites of fixed and mobile construction waste, and finally chose the market share, performance, output It is understood that Zhengzhou Zhongyi mining machine YPC series mobile construction waste crushing and screening station has the advantage of manufacturing bio rubber materials based on renewable cash crop yinjiaoju

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