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LED display makes smart city display terminals stronger. North China industrial control embedded motherboard can help the arrival of the era of

5g in the whole process, and open the door to the construction of smart city. As the display terminal of smart city, LED display develops rapidly in traffic management, video monitoring, human-computer interaction services and other aspects, and the market increment is huge


with the rapid development of cloud computing, IOT, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, smart city construction has become an important measure for countries to seize the commanding heights of the information industry and promote social transformation and upgrading. As an important terminal display platform for the construction of smart city, intelligent LED screen is the product of the combination of information technology and computer. It has many functions, such as multimedia display, video monitoring, human screen interaction and so on, constantly enriching people's sensory experience

led screen is a new type of imaging electronic equipment made of light-emitting diodes arranged in sequence. Control card, unit board and switching power supply are its three main hardware. The application of LED screen in traffic management can be used as a traffic guidance board to help people obtain information; Applied in the field of security monitoring, it can seamlessly splice the monitoring screen to improve and deepen the intelligent demand of dynamic video monitoring; Applied in education, entertainment and other industries, it can realize connectivity and human-computer interaction, become the key information display carrier that the declaration of compliance of emerging intelligent data should include, and participate in people's lives more and more

North China industrial control believes that the integration of LED screen with artificial intelligence, big data and other high-tech is becoming a new intelligent application carrier. In order to ensure that the intelligent LED screen can adapt to the changing external environment, and 71) the controller adopts high-speed ARM chip as the main control chip *24-hour stable interconnection, which puts forward higher requirements for the quality and performance of the embedded board in the control system


led screen's intelligent improvement has broadened its more business display market. As a leader in industry-specific computers, North China industrial control, in cooperation with Hisilicon, Intel, NXP and other high-tech platforms, has also created a number of high-quality, high-performance embedded computer motherboard product solutions that can be dedicated to smart LED screens

//North China industrial control embedded AI motherboard product scheme

intelligent LED display screen continues to expand in intelligent applications such as multimedia display and human screen interaction. The embedded AI motherboard of North China industrial control is equipped with rich external network interfaces and adopts low-power smart core image source: Wageningen, which supports real-time data sharing, information input and output, and has excellent audio/video coding and decoding capabilities and touch screen response capabilities, Equipped with video monitoring equipment, it can also establish a comprehensive three-dimensional monitoring system to meet the application requirements of intelligent LED screens in professional fields such as entertainment and security monitoring

//North China industrial control embedded industrial motherboard product scheme

in terms of hardware quality, North China industrial control embedded computer motherboard is built in strict accordance with industrial standards, with low power consumption, excellent heat dissipation performance, wide operating temperature, can adapt to dusty, vibration, high humidity and other harsh environments, supports LED display screen 7*24 hours stable and efficient operation, can be equipped with high-speed processors, and provides hardware support for multi screen connection and human screen interaction

intelligent LED display is jumping out of the field of multimedia display and developing to display integrated system technology such as AI. North China industrial control keeps pace with the times and can provide customized computer products and services according to the needs of customers in different industries

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