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The market potential of LED display screen is sufficient and the pressure is not small. Where will it go in the future

according to ledinside research, the global LED display market size in 2018 was US $5.841 billion. With the increase of demand in the rental market, retail department stores, conference rooms, cinemas, HDR applications and other segments of the application market, it is estimated that the compound annual growth rate from 2018 to 2022 will be 12%, which will still maintain a rapid growth rate. Among them, small spacing display is the largest driving force to drive market growth, and the search recommendation index of its products will increase

from the launch of the leading led small spacing display products in the market to now, it has gone through six or seven years of rapid growth, "green years old in the next 20 (30) months". At present, the to B market has gradually entered a mature development period. With the improvement of Technology and the decline of price, the market acceptance has also further improved

according to ledinside research, "with the industry's search for lighter renewable materials, the market size of indoor small spacing (≤ p2.5) was $1.997 billion in 2018, up to 39% of the annual growth, mainly due to the continuous fermentation of the trend of ultra-small spacing in the future. It is estimated that its CAGR will reach 28% from 2018 to 2022. In addition, as the technology of small spacing display becomes more mature, outdoor display also gradually moves to small spacing (p3.0~p4.0) According to the development trend, the market scale of outdoor small spacing in 2018 is about 155million US dollars, and it is estimated that the CAGR will reach 35% from 2018 to 2022

according to the dot spacing of LED small spacing display, the spacing of the largest proportion of global LED small spacing revenue in 2018 has reached p1.2~p1.6, accounting for about 39%. With the introduction of products with smaller spacing (p0.7~p0.9) by leading manufacturers of small spacing display, such as lyade, Zhouming and LianJian, and the gradual improvement of consumers' requirements for display effect, the cost has further declined, In the next few years, products with p1.2~p1.6 and smaller spacing below P1.1 will have the most growth momentum. It is estimated that the CAGR from 2018 to 2022 will reach 32% and 62% respectively

at present, the largest commercial market of LED small spacing display comes from enterprises and cultural and entertainment places such as education, high-end retail, hotels and cinemas. At present, the penetration rate of LED display in these application fields is not high, and there is greater growth potential to replace traditional LCD, DLP and projection display in the future

however, from the perspective of the overall display market, this year is also a turbulent year. For LED displays, while the high growth, the crisis can not be underestimated. In the past, LCD, DLP, projectors and other traditional displays have occupied a large number of rivers and mountains, followed by mini and micro LED displays. Where will led displays go in the future? What other market segments are worth exploring

on October 18, ledinside will hold a seminar on new display industry. At that time, senior experts from Riad and other manufacturers will share their views. Friends in the field of LED display are welcome to discuss and exchange

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