The hottest LED epitaxial chip is still a cash cow

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Is LED epitaxial chip still a "cash cow"? This packaging enterprise is also "throwing money"

why did zhaochi raise 1billion yuan to invest in the LED epitaxial chip production project? What challenges will canoptoelectronics face after its initial application is approved? What is the story behind the renaming of distant optoelectronics? Guoxing optoelectronics has repeatedly obtained patent certificates, and Chinese led enterprises have broken through the patent blockade of international major manufacturers The following will be interpreted for you one by one

1. Zhaochi shares invested 1billion yuan in LED epitaxial chips

on September 5, zhaochi shares announced that in order to improve the efficiency and efficiency of the raised funds, it plans to reduce the raised funds of 1billion yuan by "building a content cloud platform including video, games, medical treatment, education, e-commerce, etc." and invest it in the new project "LED epitaxial chip production project"

comments: zhaochi began to get involved in the midstream packaging industry and downstream application fields of the LED industry chain in 2011. After steady development in recent years, the packaging and lighting business has continued to rise. In the first half of 2017, the company's LED products and accessories achieved an operating revenue of 634 million yuan, an increase of 33.96% over the same period last year. It has strong market competitiveness in the industry and has become a leading led enterprise in China

with the continuous expansion of packaging and lighting application business, the demand of zhaochi for LED chips has increased significantly, and chips have become an important factor restricting the packaging and lighting business from "making great achievements and going further". In addition, the industry concentration has been continuously improved, gradually showing the trend of vertical integration of the whole industry chain

zhaochi shares has introduced an experienced professional team, foreign advanced equipment and manufacturing technology to invest in the design, manufacturing and sales of LED epitaxial chips in Nanchang. On the one hand, it can expand its business to the chip field and realize the layout strategy of the company's whole industrial chain; Secondly, it can take advantage of the situation to solve the bottleneck of its own chip demand, which is conducive to the further development of packaging and lighting application business; Third, the adoption of self-sufficiency can enhance the bargaining power of the company and improve its overall competitiveness

after mastering the core technology of chips, zhaochi will build a whole industry chain group of LED chips, packaging and lighting applications. Through the synergy between upstream, midstream and downstream, the company's core competitiveness is further improved, which helps the company's LED industry quickly move towards the international market and participate in international competition

2. Jucan optoelectronics' initial application was approved

the CSRC announced on the evening of the 6th that jucan optoelectronics' initial application was approved. Jucan optoelectronics plans to issue no more than 64.33 million shares to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and plans to raise 350million yuan for LED chip production and R & D projects

comments: the IPO review speed of the CSRC has significantly accelerated, which is really good news for the majority of LED lighting enterprises. Those led lighting enterprises who have been waiting in line for many years finally have a hope, rather than "endless waiting"

since this year, enterprises including Sanxiong Aurora, Debang lighting, Tailong lighting, overclocking 3 and huati technology have successively landed on the gem, successfully realizing the capital dream. The approval of jucan optoelectronics' initial application is undoubtedly an affirmation of its ability to process all deformed aluminum in recent years

however, as a high-tech enterprise in the field of LED epitaxial chips, jucan optoelectronics' profits are highly dependent on government subsidies. With the reduction of government subsidies for LED industry, its profits will be greatly affected. At the same time, with the release of the production capacity of leading enterprises, the competition in the LED chip industry will be more intense. After listing, jucan optoelectronics should think about how to further improve its profitability

3. Teleoptronics changed its name to teleinfo

with the implementation of the extended strategy of distinguishing the structural principle of the company's external tensile testing machine from the stripping force testing machine, the company's business continues to expand. From September 7, Fareast optoelectronics will abbreviate the changed securities as "Fareast information". The company's securities code remains unchanged as "300306"

comments: telephoto completed the asset delivery of Zhejiang Weier Technology Co., Ltd. on December 16, 2016, and its main business has changed from the original photoelectric detection system and services to intelligent detection and identification information systems and services. As of the 2017 semi annual report, the operating income of intelligent biometric information systems and services has exceeded 50% of the company's total operating income, Therefore, the original securities referred to as "remote optoelectronics" can no longer fully reflect the industry of the company's current technology, products and services

in recent years, there are not a few led enterprises that have changed their names due to the extensive expansion of business. For example, Qinshang optoelectronics, which has realized the dual main business layout of semiconductor lighting industry and education industry, was renamed "Qinshang shares" on February 21 this year; Hongli optoelectronics, which expanded its business to car service, was renamed "Hongli Zhihui" on September 16 last year; In order to meet the company's future development planning and business development needs, rectangular lighting officially changed its name to "rectangular group" on March 1 last year; In order to facilitate the promotion of the company's brand and diversified development, reshape the company's image, and be more conducive to the company's future development, Lehman optoelectronics changed its name to "Lehman shares" on August 31, 2015...

behind each renamed enterprise, there is a story of business expansion. In recent years, the competition in the LED industry has become increasingly fierce, and new brands have risen and become stronger; There are also many senior brands that are unknown and gradually fade out of the industry; Some enterprises cannot resist the fierce competition and begin to "retreat". However, no matter what market environment the enterprise is in, it needs to actively transform and upgrade to find a new way out, and make unremitting efforts to win the extensive development of the fields touched by the operation of the new plastic granulator

4. This packaging enterprise added 17 patent applications in the first half of the year.

Guoxing optoelectronics announced on September 7, September 5 and August 29 that it had obtained invention patents for "methods to improve the utilization of phosphor in LED light-emitting devices and LED light-emitting devices", "an LED metal lead frame and its manufacturing method", "an LED device with transition substrate and its packaging method"

comments: Guoxing optoelectronics is a national high-tech enterprise and a key high-tech enterprise of the national torch plan, which specializes in the research and development, production and sales of LED and LED application products. The acquisition of the above patents will help the company further improve the intellectual property protection system, improve product quality, maintain the company's leading edge in technology, and enhance the company's core competitiveness

in recent years, patent litigation cases in the LED industry have occurred frequently, and more and more manufacturers have paid attention to safeguarding their rights and interests and enhancing their awareness of patent intellectual property protection. For more than half a year this year, patent infringement cases have occurred frequently, and Nichia, Yiguang and Seoul semiconductor have become the protagonists of "love hate entanglement" in the patent field

for a long time, the core patents of the LED industry have been in the hands of large foreign manufacturers such as Philips, OSRAM, Kerui, Nichia chemical, etc., and the core technology has become a stumbling block restricting China's LED industry. However, with the progress of LED technology, China's led enterprises have increased investment in technology research and development and strengthened awareness of intellectual property rights, Chinese led enterprises have a higher voice in the international market

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