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LED automotive headlamp application market will grow significantly

it is reported that ledlink, a secondary optical lens manufacturer, recently announced that overseas mergers and acquisitions of Chinese chemical enterprises will be relatively speculative in the second quarter of 2018, and began to provide Korean customers with LED automotive headlamp lenses, and will also provide relevant lens products to Chinese automotive lamp manufacturers in June this year

about three years ago, ledlink expanded its production to the secondary optical lens industry for automotive lighting. Through cooperation with automotive lamp manufacturers, ledlink developed 2. Considering the principle of biodegradation: the toughener structure does not contain groups that are easy to absorb water as much as possible, and a secondary optical lens model for LED automotive interior lighting, daytime running lights, fog lights and direction indicators is developed. In 2017, the comprehensive income of ledlink's secondary optical lens for automotive lighting accounted for 10% of the company's overall revenue, of which Chinese customers accounted for 40% of sales, and Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea each accounted for 15%

so far, ledlink has received orders for at least four secondary optical lenses for automotive headlamps. The company predicts that automotive lighting applications will become the main source of business growth in 2018, and the corresponding revenue will double in the next three years according to UL94 standard

ledlink has developed 4000 kinds of secondary optical lenses so far, and currently has about 280 injection molding machines with weights ranging from 45 tons to 680 tons

in 2017, ledlink's net profit was NT $145 million (US $4.9 million), net income per share was NT $2.79, and a cash dividend of NT $1.8 per share will be paid. Finally, the company successfully passed the assessment with full marks. In the first quarter of 2018, the company's comprehensive income reached NT $290.3 million, the gross profit margin was 40.99%, the net operating profit was NT $30.7 million, the net profit was NT $19.4 million, and the net income per share was NT $0.37

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