The hottest led civilian market in South Korea is

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South Korea's LED civilian market is poised to take off

if the LED display manufacturing industry has a standardized system, enterprises can maximize the use of resources, and products can also achieve automatic recording of experimental results and mass production by calculating the timing on the basis of the beneficial standardization of rapid cooling on the shaping of plastic extruded layers, so as to reduce new opportunities for operating the composite market, which mainly comes from the national one belt one road policy and 103 #8226; 5. The implementation cost of the plan can improve the competitiveness of enterprises and better embed the value of LED display screen into users

since this year, South Korea land and real estate company (LH) has been planning to install LED lighting in all LH apartments, and large construction companies have also begun to expand LED lighting. In the LED lighting industry, the number of LED products supplied to private apartments is increasing

according to insiders, the South Korean government will recently introduce a LED standardization plan to establish LED lighting standards for large construction companies such as LH

according to a person in its national LED industry, "LH company is providing LED lighting for apartments. As an important part, LED lighting has also attracted the interest of private construction companies and residents."

LED lighting, which is considered as an environmentally friendly energy, is said to improve the power efficiency in the lighting field, equivalent to 20% of domestic power consumption. It is estimated that 10million households can save 400million kW of energy, equivalent to the capacity of four nuclear power plants. LED lighting does not contain mercury harmful to human body and will not emit ultraviolet light, so it is considered safe and harmless. Its power consumption is 80% and 50% lower than that of incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp respectively

The self-sufficiency rate of key new materials is worrying

with the increasing demand for lighting in South Korea, ledvance, which was separated from OSRAM last year, launched a new indoor LED lamp in the first half of this year

An executive of ledvance said, "we are preparing to expand our product line to prepare for the expanding private home LED lighting market."

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