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Led enterprises adjust their main businesses and accelerate the pace of transformation

in recent years, the domestic LED industry has changed from a dazzling new star with capital surging. Laboratory operators must be familiar with the basic working principles and functional characteristics of various accessories in the electronic universal experimental machine, and suddenly fell into a situation of overcapacity and sadness. In the case of the sluggish main LED industry, many enterprises began to make major transformation, enter the cultural and educational industry, and acquire football teams. On February 22, Qinshang optoelectronics, which is trying to build a "dual main business", announced to change the name of the securities to Qinshang shares

on the other hand, personalized customized lighting has also become the direction of led enterprises. Take Rex lighting as an example. On February 23, Rex lighting announced its cooperation with to establish a "Dongdong" Pan home customization brand. Prior to this, OPP lighting also launched the "lighting customization" service

take customized lighting as the starting point to break the inherent mode of the industry or a new development direction. Wuyulin, President of Foshan Lighting Association, said that with the continuous improvement of people's requirements for lighting, light customization technology will usher in a huge market development space and enter thousands of households in the next few years

several led enterprises changed their names

on February 22, Qinshang optoelectronics announced that it would change the name of its securities to "Qinshang shares", announcing its determination to build a "dual main industry"

Qinshang announced that in view of the completion of the major asset restructuring of the acquisition of 100% equity of Guangzhou Longwen Education Co., Ltd., major changes have taken place in the company's main business and development strategy, realizing the dual main business layout of semiconductor lighting industry and education industry. In order to meet the development needs of the company, the abbreviation of the company's Chinese securities is changed from "Qinshang optoelectronics" to "Qinshang shares", and the English abbreviation is also changed from "KingSun opto" to "KingSun share"

in fact, Qinshang is not the first led enterprise in the capital market to announce cross-border transformation and change the securities name. According to incomplete statistics, as the LED industry entered the stage of disordered competition, at least five led enterprises adjusted their main led businesses and changed the securities names before Qinshang's shares due to the relatively long development time of technology

on July 19 last year, Hongli optoelectronics announced that on the premise of making the main business of LED bigger and stronger, it actively laid a foundation for the company to create a dual main business of "led + car service", and the abbreviation of securities was changed to "Hongli Zhihui"

on March 1 last year, the then rectangular lighting announced that the company took Shenzhen rectangular semiconductor lighting Co., Ltd. as the core and jointly established an enterprise group with three subsidiaries of the company. In order to meet the company's future development planning and business development needs, the securities abbreviation was changed from "rectangular lighting" to "rectangular group"

in addition to the above enterprises, in recent years, MEDA digital, Lehman shares and Tongfang youyou have a history of business adjustment and renaming

explore customized lighting

in the capital market, behind the transformation of led enterprises is the change of things and people in the LED industry

it is understood that in just a few years, the LED industry has changed from a blue ocean to a red ocean, from the crazy influx of capital from all walks of life to the transformation of lighting enterprises

the reason is that in addition to the low access porch, the prevalence of plagiarism and imitation in the industry and the serious homogenization of products have led enterprises to be keen on fighting a price war. In addition, the market is becoming saturated and the demand is decreasing, resulting in overcapacity. According to the data, in 2015 alone, more than 20% and about 5000 LED related enterprises withdrew from the market

"in the future, people will have higher and higher requirements for product quality and functional characteristics. It is difficult for low-cost and low-quality products to form unique customers, let alone obtain sustained and considerable profits." Wu Yulin said so

in addition, it helps them choose the compounds that can best meet their needs. On the one hand, in addition to transforming or building dual main industries, there are also led enterprises still adhering to the lighting industry, and personalized customized lamps and lanterns have become a new direction for these enterprises to try to explore

take Rex lighting as an example. On February 23, Rex lighting announced its cooperation with to establish a "Dongdong" Pan home customization brand. Prior to this, OPP lighting also launched the "lighting customization" service

according to Zhang Peng, President of Rex first insert collet group, "Dongdong" will combine global excellent designer resources to provide design solutions that meet user needs through online user interaction with designers and with the help of JD cloud data mining. It is a new model of interaction, transaction and delivery based on user needs

OPP lighting also said that with the development of lifestyle and concept, people's lighting consumption is transitioning from choosing simple lighting products to overall lighting environment solutions. While paying attention to the performance and style of products, they pay more attention to the customization of lighting effect and application environment

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