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Recently, Lu Fang, deputy director of the project office of "phasing out incandescent lamps and accelerating the promotion of energy-saving lamps" of the national development and Reform Commission, released a report on the promotion of high-efficiency lighting products by the national development and Reform Commission, summarizing the achievements and experience of China's promotion of high-efficiency lighting products in recent years

promote green lighting in a number of work

promoting green lighting is an inevitable choice to promote energy conservation and emission reduction and cope with climate change. It is not only the objective need of the development of the lighting appliance industry, but also the practical requirement to improve the lighting quality and level. Lu Fang said that in recent years, China has carried out a number of work to promote efficient lighting products. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, green lighting projects will be included in the top ten key energy-saving projects, and government investment will be used to support high-efficiency lighting production enterprises to become bigger and stronger; According to incomplete statistics, from 2008 to 2010, the central and local competent departments at all levels gave a total subsidy of 2.8 billion yuan (hereinafter referred to as yuan), promoted 370million high-efficiency lighting products, and saved more than 8 billion kwh annually; Deepen international cooperation and speed up the elimination of inefficient lighting products. In 2009, the national development and Reform Commission, the United Nations Development Programme and the global environment facility jointly launched the cooperation project "China will phase out incandescent lamps and accelerate the promotion of energy-saving lamps", with a grant of US $14million from the global Environment Facility; Promote the healthy development of semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry. In 2009, six ministries and commissions jointly issued the opinions on the development of semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry

in the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan, the promotion of efficient lighting products continues: the State supports energy-saving lamp manufacturers to carry out technological transformation of low mercury energy-saving lamps, and supports led enterprises to increase their core competitiveness and become bigger and stronger; Promote the semiconductor lighting application demonstration project. In regions with different climatic conditions, 20 semiconductor indoor lighting application projects, 15 semiconductor street lamp application projects and 15 semiconductor tunnel lamp application projects are selected for demonstration. The shortlist of the bidding includes three categories: LED road/tunnel lamps, led downlights and reflective self ballasted LED lamps, involving 28 enterprises, and the bid price of the winning enterprises is more than 40% lower than the market retail price on average; The road map for China's phasing out of incandescent lamps was released, and it was decided that the progress of plastic granulator technology has a close relationship with the development of the whole national economy. From January 1, 2012, the import and sale of general lighting incandescent lamps will be gradually banned according to the power level. The implementation of the road map will effectively promote the healthy development of China's lighting industry and achieve good energy conservation and emission reduction results, It is estimated that the output value of the lighting and electrical appliances industry can be increased by more than 8 billion yuan, and about 15000 new jobs can be created, forming the ability to save 48billion kwh of electricity and reduce 48million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually; To carry out in-depth international cooperation in green lighting, first, promote the rational transformation of incandescent lamp enterprises, second, promote the application and promotion of efficient lighting products, and third, improve the policies and measures conducive to the phasing out of incandescent lamps and accelerating the promotion of energy-saving lamps

Jinfa technology LFT products adopt impregnation production process to produce and eliminate incandescent lamps is the focus of work in the next stage.

Lu Fang concluded that since the implementation of the green lighting project, remarkable results have been achieved: first, carry out research on relevant policies in the lighting industry to provide support for improving the policy system for eliminating incandescent lamps and promoting energy-saving lamps. Second, increase support for the transformation of incandescent lamp enterprises and promote the smooth transition of incandescent lamp enterprises. Third, we will actively carry out cleaner production and waste lamp recycling pilot projects to accumulate experience for promoting the source control of toxic substances in the lighting industry and exploring the establishment of waste light source recycling system. Fourth, strengthen the construction of basic capacity and promote the continuous improvement of efficient lighting quality. Fifth, increase the construction of energy-saving lighting system and speed up the popularization and application of efficient lighting products. Sixth, strengthen publicity and expand the promotion of achievements. In general, the implementation of these works has promoted energy conservation and emission reduction, optimized the product structure, expanded consumer demand, driven the development of enterprises, promoted cost reduction, benefited users, and enhanced the awareness of energy conservation in the whole society

in the next stage, the national development and Reform Commission will focus on three aspects: first, the phasing out of incandescent lamps. From October 1st, 2012, it is forbidden to sell and import incandescent lamps for general lighting of 100 watts and above. From October 1, 2014, the sale and import of incandescent lamps for general lighting of 60 watts and above are prohibited, while the arrival of imported mines in June is weak and stable in May; According to the energy efficiency standards, the production, sale and import of low efficiency tungsten halogen lamps with luminous efficiency lower than the energy efficiency limit are prohibited. From October 1st, 2016, it is forbidden to sell and import incandescent lamps for general lighting of 15 watts and above. Second, speed up the promotion of energy-saving lamps. On the one hand, we will continue to accelerate the promotion of energy-saving lamps, focusing on the promotion of high-quality, environment-friendly and efficient lighting products that use low mercury, mercury fixation technologies and cleaner production processes, and increase support for rural areas; On the other hand, enterprises are encouraged to carry out cleaner production, carry out pilot projects for the treatment of waste light tubes, and establish a recycling mechanism for waste light tubes. Third, promote the healthy development of semiconductor lighting industry. Previously, the Ministry of finance, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of science and technology organized the bidding for the promotion of financial subsidies for semiconductor lighting in 2012. Subsidized products include indoor lighting products - led downlights, reflective self ballasting LED lights and outdoor lighting products - LED street lights, LED tunnel lights. The subsidy standard is that each high-efficiency lighting product for bulk users will be subsidized by the central government at 30% of the supply price of the bid winning agreement

the biggest positive hotbed of LED lighting in the mainland market is the government's macro policy. With the promotion of LED lighting in the mainland and the entry of international major manufacturers into the Chinese market, China has entered the fast lane of LED lighting development. The industry has accumulated some achievements over the years. With the withdrawal of incandescent lamps from the Chinese market in October this year, LED lighting will usher in the entry point of the market. Environmental friendly and energy-saving LED lighting products are not so far away from people's homes

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