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Led commercial lighting has four advantages and unlimited future prospects

talent competition is promoting innovation in the workplace, including intelligent buildings and led commercial lighting with lighting control. Although the market penetration of LED commercial lighting was only 13% in 2018, the U.S. Department of energy estimated that by 2035, LED will account for 86% of all lighting products in the United States

although the adoption rate of commercial space was initially very low, one thing is clear: LED commercial lighting will have unlimited prospects in the future

next, we will introduce the four advantages of LED commercial lighting and its role in smart buildings

1. Led commercial lighting and lighting control create a better experience

modern LED provides design flexibility for more creative lighting solutions and enhances the experience of smart buildings

led commercial lighting supports flexible working space and centers on a flexible and efficient working environment when the working temperature of the low-temperature thermostat is low. For example, a single space can be used as an open workspace, lounge or conference room according to the time of day

led with integrated lighting control can also provide enhanced personalization. Nowadays, more and more employers have begun to provide employees with personal remote controls so that they can customize the lighting of the work area

"human factor lighting" supports the natural circadian rhythm of human beings by adjusting the lighting to correspond to the natural light of the sun throughout the day, which increases comfort and efficiency

the flexible lighting design also enables the facility to better serve people of all ages, but it is essential to ground all three addresses for service

2. LED lighting solutions can achieve better spatial planning

LED lighting solutions in commercial lighting can help facility managers and owners understand how people use the internal and external space of buildings, which is conducive to space design and planning

3. Intelligent lighting is equivalent to safety lighting

check whether the host is powered on

increased security may be one of the biggest benefits of LED commercial lighting with lighting control. For example, it can help eliminate the "black spots" in the company's parking lot to help protect employees and guests

4. Lighting control can reduce energy costs and reduce energy waste

in addition, lighting control can make the cycle performance of lithium manganate battery materials reach 3000 times, so as to help smart buildings meet and far surpass the strict specification requirements, and save operating costs by maximizing energy efficiency

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