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The LED agricultural lighting market will initially benefit in two years

domestic LED has been applied to the agricultural market for only a few years. Recently, some analysts predicted that the LED agricultural lighting market will see initial gains in two years. The specific analysis results are based on the following reasons

reason 1: LED's own characteristics determine its good application in agricultural lighting market. First of all, the characteristics of LED include: cold light source, small size, compact mechanism, can irradiate plants at close range, can emit monochromatic light with narrow light wave, and can realize any combination according to needs. The above advantages of LED make it possible for led to achieve advantageous functions that traditional lamps cannot do in agricultural lighting applications. If the volume is small, close irradiation can improve the space utilization rate of plant cultivation

reason 2: the environmental protection and green light source characteristics of LED are not only suitable for other fields, but also suitable for agricultural lighting. Data shows that the power consumption of LED lighting fixtures is only one eighth of that of incandescent lamps and one half of that of fluorescent lamps; It does not contain metal mercury, the waste can be recycled, and it is not easy to break, so it has become the first choice of new green lighting products in the world. At this stage, energy conservation and emission reduction have become a global consensus, and energy conservation and emission reduction in the field of agricultural lighting have also received attention

reason 3: China has always paid more attention to the development of agriculture and rural areas. The State supports the development of agriculture and rural areas at a low speed, but not at a high speed, and its support is increasing. Therefore, all industries, including LED lamp manufacturers and R & D enterprises, China's plastic extruder industry is moving towards a healthy and sustainable development, and they all agree that agriculture and rural markets are the markets with the greatest potential in China

at present, the LED application market in China is becoming more and more extensive. Commercial lamps have become a trend, and household lamps will also be popularized. The expansion of agricultural lighting has created a new application market for LED, which will bring a new development opportunity to the LED industry in China teknor apex, which has put into production a standard blow molding compound medalist MD 12445. The LED industry has also achieved initial success in the agricultural lighting market

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