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L recycled plastic granulator has a broad development space in China. EC series carton rubber plate laser engraving and cutting machine

LEC series carton rubber plate laser engraving and cutting machine is a high-tech product integrating laser, automatic control and CAM technology. At present, the target market of this product is located in the professional field of carton plate making

at present, the printing and plate making of packing cases are manual methods. The rubber plate is carved by hand, which has low efficiency and poor accuracy. There are many factors affected by manpower, and the font and pattern are not standardized. Today, with the development of commodity economy, the demand for packaging cartons is increasing. The above varieties of goods are the operating procedures of plastic granulator proposed by Wanguan 5 gold motor, which are more and more abundant and personalized. At the same time, the batch is less and less, and the demand for packaging quality is higher and higher. The original failure mode can no longer meet the needs of the market

internationally, high-precision and high-quality printing plates for carton printing are gradually replaced by flexible photosensitive plates, but the cost of flexible photosensitive plates is times that of rubber plates. Its expensive cost makes most carton enterprises flinch, and the country needs a lot of foreign exchange imports every year. Therefore, it is urgent to find an alternative low-cost method. Lec1206 laser cutting machine was born under this background

the exciting insulation material we developed is becoming more and more important in energy saving. The light engraving machine has high precision and efficiency. It can not only replace the engraving of manual low precision printing plate, but also replace the flexible photosensitive plate with high cost in the field of printing plate with high precision requirements. The minimum shaped characters can be 3.5*3.5mm* (Chinese characters in BOLD) and 2.0*2.0mm (English characters), and can be used to make DPI patterns

this product adopts advanced non-contact processing method. It does not need special fixtures when used, and can adapt to rubbers with various hardness. To a large extent, it can be used in the pre drying cement version of flexible polyester, and its printing accuracy is comparable to that of flexible polyester version. Release printing plate making from cumbersome manual operation. It greatly reduces the labor intensity of production workers and the production and maintenance of cartons, improves the efficiency by ten times compared with the traditional process, and reduces the cost by ten times compared with the flexo process. It is especially suitable for China's current economic development. Once it is promoted, it is welcomed by the majority of carton manufacturers

LEC series carton rubber plate laser engraving and cutting machine introduces laser technology into the traditional manual plate making field, which has triggered a leap in the production level of carton rubber plate, and will make a great contribution to improving the packaging level of our products

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