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Led aging line electrical operation and power part maintenance

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I. common problems in LED aging line electrical equipment operation 1. The electrical equipment has been operated with 120 universities and scientific research institutions such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Peking University, East China University of science and technology. Brief: the power supply demand of LED aging line is three-phase four wire, and a master switch is installed outside, (three phase four wire four pole switch can be used, or the switch can only control the three-phase power supply, and the zero line is direct. Pay attention not to pass the zero line of the second connection through another switch). N of the distribution box is connected to the neutral line, a, B and C are connected to the three-phase power supply of the power supply, u, V and W are connected to the motor, and 3 and 4 are connected to F1 and F2 of the speed regulating motor. 5, 6 and 7 are connected to u, V and W of speed regulating motor. 2. How to start the motor: first connect the power supply, and then all the three power indicator lights will be on, proving that the three-phase power supply has been to the distribution box. At this time, you can press the blue button of the motor to start the motor. If it cannot be started, you can open the door of the distribution box to see whether the second dz108 switch in the first row is long red and short blue. If you don't press the blue one down. After the motor was started, he turned on the switch of the assembly line speedometer, and then gradually increased the potential of the speedometer relative to the mechanical data experimental machine, he added, so that the speedometer could reach the desired speed. When shutting down, first adjust the potentiometer of the speed regulator to zero gradually, then turn off the switch of the speed regulator, and then press the red button of the electric mechanism to stop the motor. Finally, turn off the main switch. 3. Start the fluorescent lamp. Press the blue button of the lighting to start the fluorescent lamp, and then press the red button of the red off of the lighting to stop the fluorescent lamp. If the fluorescent lamp is not on, please check whether the flat switch on the fluorescent lamp bracket can be turned on and is in the position of 1. Finally, check whether the third and fourth DZ47 in the first row are in the open position. 2、 Local daily maintenance of LED aging line power 1. Maintenance and maintenance methods of head motor: do not water the motor, and do not add diesel and liquid organic compounds to the motor, because this may lead to insulation damage of the motor and present problems. The maintenance method of speed regulating head is the same as that of motor. Other refer to the electrical manual for motor care and maintenance. 2. Repair and maintenance of the chain: after long-term operation, the chain may cause the original smooth oil to heat and volatilize, resulting in uneven operation of the chain, increased noise, creeping, etc. At this time, turn over the sealing plate at the end of the machine and add butter or a little thick smooth oil to the chain. 3. Repair and maintenance methods of the reducer of the LED aging line: the first application is about three months. Drain the engine oil in the reducer, clean the reducer with diesel or gasoline, and add new smooth oil to the middle of the inspection window immediately after draining. (pay attention to whether there is too little smoothness every month). After that, you can change the smooth oil once a year. Too much smooth oil may cause the reducer to heat, and the motor load is too large, causing the motor maintenance switch to jump. Too little smooth oil and not using external energy may cause the gearbox to heat up, increase the noise and the gearbox to hang and be scrapped

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