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Temporary heavy machine t20j │ strength recommendation of a popular straight arm aerial work platform

temporary heavy machine t20j │ strength recommendation of a popular straight arm aerial work platform

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is different from the sub industries of construction machinery such as excavators and loaders struggling in the "Red Sea". The aerial work platform is currently in the "blue ocean" stage, although the market share is small, However, the development space is infinite and the growth potential is huge. In the future, with the continuous improvement of construction safety requirements, the industry will usher in continuous explosive growth. In this process, with the diversification of aerial work platform application scenarios, the demand for arm type equipment will be released rapidly

arm type aerial work platforms are usually used in large-scale venue construction, municipal bridges, heavy industrial plant facilities and other construction occasions. They have high requirements for lifting height and platform load. In the face of tens of meters of operating height and harsh operating environment, it is not easy to choose a satisfactory equipment. So today, we will recommend a 30 ~ 94hrg product recognized by the market - temporary heavy machine t20j straight arm aerial work platform

t20j has a weight of 11400kg, a rated load of 250kg, and a working height of the first case: after confirming that the installation levelness of the instrument meets the requirements of the regulations, the experimental machine should first check whether the friction force of the working part is too large. If so, adjust the guide wheel clearance to eliminate the friction force, and clean the working oil cylinder if necessary. If there is still a positive difference after eliminating the influence of the friction force, Then loosen the fastening screws of the connecting shaft sleeve between the swing rod and the push plate in the force measuring part (reading mechanism), adjust the push plate to the inside, tighten the fastening screws, and then verify the small dial level by level, repeat for several times until the verification is qualified. If the small dial is qualified, but the large and medium discs are still out of tolerance, the weight of B thallium and C thallium shall be appropriately increased, The separation rate of the collet of the universal testing machine shall be kept as constant as possible and within the specified range of stress rate, and the horizontal extension can reach 17.2m, which ensures that it has a wide operating range and can show its skills in the process of high-altitude operation at a height of 20m

as a product of temporary heavy machinery closely combined with market demand, t20j has excellent performance and a series of significant advantages such as safety, reliability, efficiency and easy maintenance. Since it was introduced to the market, it has won the unanimous recognition of the majority of users

scientific design to ensure safety

■ t20j travel function valve has a built-in shunt and collecting valve, so as to keep the speed of the two actuators synchronized or constant ratio, and prevent the vehicle from slipping

slewing ring

■ the rotary table is equipped with a drive detection switch to prevent reverse driving and improve safety performance

■ the slewing ring housing can effectively prevent impurities from entering the slewing ring and reducer gear, increase the service life of the equipment and ensure safety

boom luffing cylinder

■ balance valves are installed on each cylinder to prevent the cylinder from descending and increase safety

■ cast counterweight to improve the safety factor

■ when the system fails to descend, the platform can descend safely through the emergency descent system

excellent handling efficiency

t20j selects DEUTZ engine as the power source, which is small in size, light in weight and large in power, realizing fuel saving and energy saving

the upper control box adopts advanced can bus control, with simple circuit and good reliability. The main actions can be controlled by the operating handle on the workbench. The proportional lifting and driving can achieve accurate positioning and smooth driving; The well-known brand control system is adopted, which is stable and easy to operate

upper control box

■ imported hydraforce valve element is adopted, with high precision and reliability

■ the chassis is connected with the turntable through the slewing ring, which can realize 360 ° continuous rotation, increase the working range and improve the working efficiency

■ if the hydraulic oil temperature exceeds a certain temperature, the hydraulic oil radiator can be opened to reduce the hydraulic oil temperature and ensure the normal operation of the equipment

■ the floating valve can control the floating state of the floating bridge according to GB8624 (2) 012, ensuring better grip, driving smoothness and handling stability

convenient maintenance and high profit

t20j lower control box has powerful fault self diagnosis function and prompts equipment users and maintenance personnel with visual fault codes

■ the luffing cylinder is equipped with a sheath, which can effectively prevent the damage of impurities to the piston rod and seal, and increase the service life

■ the tubing harness drag chain has the characteristics of high pressure and tensile load, certain resistance, long service life and so on. It is a good choice for reciprocating motion

drag chain

■ solid tires or foam filled tires of well-known domestic brands are selected, with long service life, low deformation rate and reduced vehicle maintenance costs

■ the protective cover of the upper control box can effectively block the damage of foreign matters to the upper control box and prevent the entry of rainwater

■ the operating platform is equipped with a document box, which can store the operation and maintenance manual, parts atlas and other documents for the convenience of the operator

in general, the temporary heavy machine t20j straight arm aerial work platform has good stability, good safety guarantee, reliable action, high work efficiency and convenient maintenance. It is a reliable "conscience masterpiece" for aerial work

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