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Temporary heavy machine as1413e aerial work machinery │ expand the working height to a new height and drive safer at full height

temporary heavy machine as1413e electric scissor type aerial work machinery will be put into the market in 2020. This model has won a lot of praise from customers immediately after its launch, as well as its tax contribution. The platform height of as1413e is 13.8m, which greatly expands the working height of the electric scissor lift and improves the working efficiency

maximum platform height: 13.8m (45.3ft)

maximum working height: 15.8m (51.8ft)

maximum number of workers: 2

rated load: 320 kg (705 pounds)

overall weight: 3500 kg (7716 pounds)

best driving and lifting

1 Lgmg as1413e is equipped with an efficient AC motor drive system, which has longer service life and stronger climbing ability

2. Proportional lifting and drive control ensure smooth operation

3. Front steering wheel, internal steering radius is zero

outstanding work efficiency

1 As1413e is designed for indoor and outdoor applications. The storage height of the machine does not exceed 2m (6.56ft), so it is easy to pass through the door, and the operator can drive the product at full height

2. The 0.9m (3ft) extension platform can create a larger workspace and provide higher productivity

3. Forklift holes on both sides are convenient for loading and unloading

ultimate safety

1 Equipped with tilt alarm and emergency lowering device, in case of unsafe operation, the signal lamp will flash and the alarm buzzer will alarm

2. The overload sensing system can prevent the platform from being overloaded. If the maximum capacity is exceeded when the platform is raised, stop lifting. The message of Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. is that the universal experimental machine is an ideal cost-effective experimental system driving function in scientific research institutes, metallurgical construction, national defense and military industry, colleges and universities, machinery manufacturing, transportation and other industries

3. The design of safety arm and pit protection device greatly improves the safety of the machine

reliable and easy to maintain

1 The intelligent self diagnosis system can quickly troubleshoot. According to the error fault codes that are easy to read, the operator can find the potential problems after the instrument test and quickly restore the machine to work

2. On both sides of the machine, as1413e has openable side boxes for easy observation and maintenance

3. As1413e is universal with other scissor lifts on key parts

4. Each component is carefully designed to enhance the durability of the component, and the waterproof grade of key components reaches IP67

as1413e is widely used in industrial buildings, warehouses, airports and other application places after precise measurement of logistics

as1413e conforms to CE, ANSI, EAC, ISO and other standards

temporary heavy machinery provides customers with technical support, training, warranty and parts sales service within the product life cycle. Automatic gear shifting: it is required according to the load

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