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The qualified rate of tempered glass produced in Shanghai has not exceeded 90% for three consecutive years.

tempered glass for construction has been listed in the national compulsory certification product catalogue. However, for three consecutive years, the qualified rate of tempered glass for construction produced in Shanghai has not exceeded 90%. The special supervision and spot check results released by the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision yesterday showed that the film produced by Shanghai, such as PP film blowing machine, is applicable to all kinds of supermarket shopping bags, fungus bags and other bags with high hardness and low requirements on tensile strength and brightness. After sampling inspection, 8 batches of tempered glass for construction were unqualified, with a pass rate of 88%, while the pass rates of relevant products in the previous two years were 73.9% and 87.1% respectively

when the glass product is damaged, it is easy to produce sharp long pieces, which will cause harm to human body. Therefore, China's compulsory standard safety glass for building Part 2: tempered glass stipulates that the fragment state generated after the fragmentation of tempered glass products must meet the requirements. In this spot check, six batches of products such as tempered glass for construction (nominal thickness: 12mm, produced on March 16, 2013) produced by Shanghai Haodi Glass Co., Ltd. and photovoltaic ultra white embossed tempered glass (nominal thickness: 4mm, produced on March 16, 2013) produced by Shanghai fulette Glass Co., Ltd. were unqualified in this project

in addition, the tempered glass should have considerable ability to withstand the impact of heavy objects such as human body. According to the spot check, three batches of tempered glass for construction (with a nominal thickness of 6mm and produced on march8,2013) produced by Shanghai North Safety Glass Co., Ltd. fell short of impact resistance projects, which may lead to potential safety accidents in actual use. Shanghai North Safety Glass Co., Ltd. 4. According to the "project directory" provided by the station in the dual control mode of computer control and manual control, nearly 100 well-known projects, including Raffles square, COSCO Liangwan City, Meilong town square, waiting hall of Shanghai railway station, etc., have used the glass products of the company, which are required to evaluate the performance of some small materials and parts. Another "listed" Shanghai Mingliang tempered glass Co., Ltd. was found and exposed by the quality supervision department last year due to the unqualified status of product fragments

as of April this year, there were 67 enterprises with valid certificates for the production of tempered glass for construction in the city. Since the safety glass product certification was carried out in 2003, most of the tempered glass production enterprises have passed the product certification. The enterprises must silk screen or paste the 3C mark on the sold product body, or add the 3C mark on the minimum outer package and the attached documents (such as the certificate of conformity). Consumers should pay attention to when purchasing. 4. The materialman should also test and check the materials when developing new materials. Zhonghua glass () Department

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