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One of the key points is to support the intelligent upgrading and transformation of traditional enterprises. Recently, a number of enterprises in the city have enjoyed the dividends of the policy through a series of promotion and transformation measures of "machine replacement"

in the Shengke workshop of Tianjin CIMC container Co., Ltd. according to the national standards, a handling robot is constantly stacking the 6m long and more than 30kg container bottom side beams that are the first domestic manufacturer that can use high nickel 811 materials to achieve mass production of batteries

"machine replacement" has not only improved the production efficiency, but also greatly improved the working environment of employees. Welding is one of the worst jobs in container production

after the robot is replaced, the worker can complete the welding work only by operating the computer. It not only improves the working environment, but also greatly improves the welding accuracy. At present, CIMC Tianjin has realized "machine replacement" in key links such as container stamping, welding and painting. The labor cost was reduced by 11%, the product defect rate was reduced by 15%, the safety accident was reduced by 65%, and the comprehensive production benefit was increased by 25%

in order to implement the ten policies of "intelligent manufacturing", Tianjin Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology issued a policy to grant subsidies of 15% of the equipment purchase price to the enterprises that have implemented intelligent upgrading and transformation since this year. Not long ago, after declaration, CIMC container won a financial reward of 1.66 million yuan

at present, 32 enterprises such as CIMC container have been rewarded for purchasing intelligent manufacturing core equipment, covering textile, petrochemical, electric power and other industries, with a total subsidy of 41.92 million yuan. The incentive policy is not only for the purchase of equipment, but also for the service fees incurred by enterprises in the process of intelligent transformation due to diagnosis and consultation, a subsidy of 50% of the actual service fees will be given

encouraged by the policy, CIMC container formulated and launched the "Longteng plan" to further accelerate the intelligent upgrading of enterprises. In the future, CIMC Tianjin will further speed up on the road of intelligence

at present, a total of 183 projects in Tianjin, including "machine replacement", have received the special fund support for intelligent manufacturing this year, with a cumulative support fund of 620million yuan. In the next step, relevant departments will further optimize the approval process, improve efficiency, and apply policy funds to enterprises in a timely and accurate manner, so that enterprises can fully enjoy the dividends brought by policies

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