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One heart and one mind · ten years as one Liugong crane to serve Wanlixing start

one heart and one mind · ten years as one Liugong crane to serve Wanlixing start

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recently, the Liugong crane service Wanlixing expedition ceremony was held in Bengbu Industrial Park, Liugong, Anhui Province. Did Anhui Liugong dry the workshop before more low-temperature experiments? Did the leaders and all employees attend this event

recalling the past, great years have passed.

since the establishment of Liugong in 2008, Liugong crane has gone through nearly a decade. After ten years of trials and tribulations, Anhui Liugong has always taken "creating maximum value for customers" as its own responsibility and continuously improved its service system. In the past ten years, Liugong Anhui has continuously held activities to serve thousands of miles. The service pace has spread all over the country, providing all-round product guarantee for customers everywhere

During the activity, Mr. Wang Gang, general manager of the marketing company, said: the establishment and improvement of the service system is the cornerstone of Liugong crane service, and Liugong's service spirit is the solid guarantee of service. Providing customers with excellent construction machinery products and services is the mission of every Liugong person, and every service journey is a powerful measure to listen to the voice of customers, convey customer care and deliver value

in the past nine years, Liugong crane has provided a total of 8260 sets of equipment for Wanli travel, with a journey of more than 900000 kilometers. It has practiced Liugong's spirit of "serving customers wholeheartedly" with practical actions, and also created a unique label that Liugong's service cannot be copied

speech by the general manager of Anhui Liugong marketing company

Mr. Wu Lei, the service director of Anhui Liugong, presented the flag at the scene

service officers solemnly swore that the service officers and men would embark on the journey

and set off again to a new height of service

at this expedition ceremony, Mr. Wu Lei, the service chief supervisor of Anhui Liugong, solemnly presented the flag to the service representatives, and the ten service officers solemnly swore at the scene: with the fullest enthusiasm and the most professional technology With the most sincere attitude, we will provide customers with excellent brand service, and give back customers' trust and expectation for Liugong crane

the Liugong Wanli service will be launched in 23 provinces, 4 municipalities directly under the central government and 5 autonomous regions. At that time, 25 Liugong crane special maintenance centers, 12 Liugong crane offices, more than 100 service engineers and more than 50 service vehicles will be involved in this activity to provide door-to-door services to more than 1000 Liugong cranes all over the country. The activity will provide customers with "three free and one free" value-added services such as "free vehicle inspection, free operation and maintenance training, free man hour fee to solve difficult and miscellaneous vehicle problems, and free accessories and gifts"

ready to go

the following is a brief introduction to the three small skills of ordinary electronic universal testing machine maintenance. At the same time, Anhui Liugong will cooperate with Dongkang, Jianghuai, Datong gearbox and other excellent suppliers to participate in the regional Wanli activity of how to buy good testing machines, and provide technical support for Wanli activity in all regions of the country, so as to solve the problems left by customers' vehicles, Guide customers to correctly use and maintain vehicles, and implement service value-added measures

At the end of the activity, Mr. zhujiarao, general manager of Anhui Liugong Industrial Park, sent a message to the service soldiers who were about to leave, and the Liugong service team rushed to all major war zones in the country with the eyes of all employees. In the next ten years, Anhui Liugong will demonstrate the service spirit of Liugong with a new height and escort the cause of customers

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