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[] it is said that winter is not suitable for home decoration. However, there are pros and cons, depending on how you deal with it. Winter home decoration is mostly a cross year project, and illegal businesses have fled with money before. Therefore, please choose a regular home decoration company for decoration. You should not only compare the company's design and budget, but also conduct a detailed investigation of the construction site, listen to the previous evaluation of home decoration owners, and learn more, so as to rest assured that home decoration. Near the new year, some companies are carrying out rough construction in order to catch up with the construction period. Therefore, when signing the contract, you must ask the home decoration company to provide detailed construction process standards. When there are problems in the construction, it can be justified. [related reading] home accessories decorate winter life

first, color tone

the temperature in winter is relatively cold. When considering the color tone of the room in the early stage, you will unconsciously choose the warm color system, which will certainly bring people a warmer feeling, but the temperature is constantly changing throughout the year. It is really hot in summer, and the human body will feel hot or irritable because of the too warm color system. Therefore, in winter home decoration, owners who consider the warm color system can appropriately match a little fresh color. Wallpaper or colored painting are good choices, so that warmth and coolness can blend with each other, comfortable and pleasant

II. Heating

although the temperature in some cities is not too low in winter, it is winter after all. Even if the doors and windows are closed, there will be a slight chill in the room. At this time, air conditioners and radiators are popular. Moreover, with the integration of fashion elements in recent years, radiators have become colorful, making warmth infinitely beautiful. Ground heating, central air conditioning and other facilities are also increasingly loved by citizens, and new types of thermal insulation materials are gradually applied to room decoration. In any case, the details of life warm reminder, safety first, careful use, indoor also need ventilation, beware of indoor and outdoor alternating cold and warm and cause a cold

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