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Nani? You said it was too hot to wave, what? Who should let the babies ignore the enthusiastic Xiaobian? So Xiaobian switched himself to Holmes Conan Xiaobian mode. There is only one truth, and the murderer is summer solstice

Hello, aribati, it's a new day

next, please follow Xiaobian to do a slow motion with your left hand and right hand. Hey ~


you said it was too hot to wave


who should let the babies ignore the enthusiastic Xiaobian

so Xiaobian switched himself to Holmes Conan Xiaobian mode

hum ~ the truth is that there is only one

murderer - Summer Solstice

finish Siao

witty as Xiaobian has already investigated your details (proud)

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at the beginning of the summer solstice, people are prone to sweating, boredom, irritability, insomnia, loss of appetite and other symptoms

the following editor gives you a few tips to make you spend summer safely

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key words 1: disease prevention

beware of "heat stroke"

summer solstice, hot and rainy, high air humidity,

is easy to cause disease

"heat stroke" is one of them

air conditioners, electric fans, etc. will damage Yang Qi of human body and increase the probability of stroke

in addition to replenishing water, Xiaobian also suggests that you open more doors and windows for ventilation

only natural wind can best meet the needs of body heat dissipation

key word 2: living

sleeping well with head facing south and feet facing north

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traditional Chinese medicine believes that during the summer solstice, "regulating and draining, and guarding the Yang is not solid"

coupled with the scorching summer, people sleep less, have a poor appetite, and their body resistance decreases significantly.

in order to get into sleep mode with great difficulty

the key to choosing sound proof doors and windows

keyword 3: emotion

cultivate your heart and calm down first

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the summer solstice is the most annoying, so you should calm down first,

try to maintain a peaceful state of mind through various ways

calmness produces Yin, which is the so-called "calm heart naturally cool". After the coordination of yin and Yang, the heart will be well maintained

at this time, elegant and exquisite door and window decoration

can bring you pleasure and good mood

in addition to the above few suggestions

the editor also urges you to drink more water

eat more "bitter"

remember to relieve the summer heat




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