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Mr. Liu, the owner of poly Lanhai County, complained that "when I asked the decoration company to do the design, I was particularly satisfied with the renderings given, but the difference after the decoration was very large, and I was particularly annoyed." many owners will encounter problems like Mr. Liu. The editor of Wuhan home decoration network reminds the owners here to learn how to look at the decoration renderings, so as to pretend to have the desired effect

first: real

effect drawing is an engineering representation drawing, which is drawn by designers according to the space they need to design. Therefore, it must conform to the space. For example, there are columns in the room, but there are no columns on the drawing, so the effect of the drawing cannot be achieved. Another example: the height of the room was not so high, but the designer subjectively increased the height for the effect of the drawing. When the owner looked at the drawing, he thought it was very bright, but when the construction was completed, it was not such an effect at all. Therefore, the authenticity of the drawing is the first element to evaluate the effect drawing

second: the space shown in the function

rendering should meet the functional requirements. In interior design, functional requirements are the first, so the design should take function as the main core. Then the design result is not in line with the use function, so it is like writing an article that misses the topic. If we require a multi-function office, it must include these functions. If the design on the drawing cannot meet these functional requirements, it cannot be said to be a qualified rendering. Recommended reading: be careful not to credulous decoration renderings

the above two points are for the viewer to get rid of the fog and see the essence, because in the final analysis, renderings show design. Don't look at how beautiful the flowers are, and don't look at how gorgeous the carpets are. Look at how the walls and floors are treated; Look at the form of the door and window; Put yourself in a position to think about how you would feel in such a space, whether there would be any discomfort on the scale, and so on

third: style

the rendering is the performance of the scheme. What you can see from the drawing should be the complete performance of a design scheme, so culture is also the evaluation standard of the scheme. Scheme is a carrier, which needs to convey the demands of designers or owners. In other words, it has its own unique style, rather than simple stacking and imitation. Loading a cultural connotation into a space is the essential difference between interior design and ordinary decoration. Therefore, when a plan map cannot express any style and cultural charm, it is not a qualified rendering

fourth: unity and change

unity here refers to the unity of drawings. The unity mentioned here includes many aspects: color, shape, factors, texture, etc. Variability refers to the richness of factors such as the color and shape of the drawing. What the drawing requires is the unity of changes, and there are changes in the unity. The drawing is the expression of space. If the expression on the drawing is messy, fancy, dirty, dark, rigid and lack of change, how can we expect the finished house to be beautiful

fifth: sense of space

finally, this is a more professional requirement. As a professional decoration design rendering, it should focus on the space to be completed. Therefore, it should be a three-dimensional picture with a sense of space, rather than a flat, expressionless picture

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