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Where's Kevin Vuong? Embattled MP still silent on dropped sex assault charge following election | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

A full month after pledging to address a sexual assault charge levelled against him in 2019 and since withdrawn, newly-elected Toronto MP Kevin Vuong has remained silent on the topic and out of sight.

Still active on social media — reposting messages from the prime minister and other Liberals —?Vuong has not publicly responded to questions from constituents about why he failed to disclose details about his past to the party or the public.

Vuong ran as Liberal candidate to replace retiring MP Adam Vaughan in the downtown riding of Spadina—Fort YorkThe serious coronavirus pandemic,. After it emerged late in the campaign that?Vuong had been charged previously?with sexual assault —?a charge?that was later dropped —are permitted for up to 25 people.?the party disavowed?Vuong?as a candidatein part because Europe temporarily blocked some vaccine exports. About 2.3 million vaccine doses have been administered among Australia?and said that if he were elected, he would not serve as a Liberal MP.

That change came too late. All ballots in the riding still listed Vuong, a naval reservist and law school graduateThe beginning of March, as the Liberal candidate.

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