The hottest grape in Huxian flew here by UAV

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"Huxian grape" flew by UAV

original title: "Huxian grape" flew by UAV 4. Free door-to-door installation and debugging of the UAV

our news (Wang He intern Wang Han integrated integrated circuit industry chain Philippines) with bursts of machine chirping, a JD drone carrying "Huxian grape" slowly rose and flew into the distance in the people's Guangchang of Wuyi district. On August 15, the 2018 grape culture festival of "Silk Road, Wuyi, new charm of grapes" jointly organized by Shaanxi Provincial Fruit Industry Bureau, Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Agricultural Supervision, Xi'an municipal agriculture and Forestry Commission, Wuyi District People's government, and JD group kicked off

Located in the middle of Guanzhong Plain, Wuyi district is an excellent grape producing area. "Huxian grape" passed the protection certification of geographical indication products of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China in 2012. In August 2017, "Huxian grape" successfully registered the certification trademark of geographical indication. In April 2018, "Huxian grape" passed the certification and registration of geographical indication of agricultural products of the Ministry of agriculture. "Huxian grape" has become a new business card for foreign exchanges in Yiyi district after farmers' paintings

at present, the grape planting area in this area has reached 66000 mu. Excellent varieties such as Hutai No. 8, No. 9 and No. 10 have been successfully bred, and many varieties such as Xiahei, xinghuawang, hongbalado and sunshine rose have been introduced as combinations, realizing a good mechanism for early, medium and late maturing varieties to appear on the market at staggered peaks. It is estimated that the grape production of the whole region will reach 100000 tons in 2018, with an output value of 750million yuan

at the grape culture festival, Jingdong UAV performance and the launching ceremony of UAV "Huxian Portugal can gradually replace this part of imported products" attracted many eyeballs. It is learned that has customized a special online and offline promotion plan for the sales of "Huxian grape" to help "Huxian grape" go nationwide. On the one hand, it cooperates with the "Huxian grape" Industry Federation and the Jingdong Huxian museum to carry out the "Jingdong Huxian grape online cultural festival" and expand the sales channels of "Huxian grape"; At the same time, will also hold a series of offline promotional activities such as the "Huxian grape" tasting at the group headquarters to drive sales with traffic

in order to ensure that people across the country can taste fresh "Huxian grapes", JD logistics has carefully prepared a full set of "Huxian grapes" cold chain logistics solutions such as "direct delivery from the origin and urgent delivery in the same city". Further improve the quality of distribution by pre positioning and delivering goods nearby. "Huxian county should be polished; grapes" can be delivered within 48 hours in major cities in China, and the fastest delivery can be achieved in Xi'an

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