The hottest graphene industry has broad prospects,

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Graphene industry has broad prospects, and the market scale in 2018 may reach 28billion yuan

in recent years, the concept of graphene has been sought after worldwide, especially in the Chinese market, which is developing rapidly. Based on the characteristics of ultra-thin, ultra light, ultra-high strength, super conductivity, excellent thermal conductivity and good light transmittance, graphene, the star of new materials, plays an increasingly important role in traditional fields such as semiconductor industry, photovoltaic industry, lithium-ion batteries, aerospace, military industry and other emerging fields such as new energy and new materials

according to forward-looking data, it is estimated that the market size of China's graphene will reach 28billion yuan in 2018, with an average annual compound growth rate of about 70.48% in the next five years, and the market size of China's graphene will reach 236.5 billion yuan in 2022. The graphene market is expanding rapidly due to the huge market opportunities

policy dividend release

in view of the great market potential, the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea and other countries in the world have successively invested a large amount of funds to support the research and development and industrialized application of graphene functional devices. On the eve of large-scale industrialization, the development of graphene in China has received strong support from the national policy level, and the support means that the void degree of interface formation is increasing

after the introduction of relevant national policies, such as the guide to the development of new material industry and the special plan for scientific and technological innovation in the material field during the 13th five year plan, graphene has been distributed throughout the country. At present, the prototype of the whole graphene industry chain in China is emerging, covering all links from raw materials, preparation, product development to downstream applications. According to the 2017-2018 China graphene development annual report, China's graphene focuses on common technology research, demonstration project implementation, service platform construction, standard system construction and other fields, and the supporting policies are further refined

first class product R & D technology

in 2017, with the transformation of graphene basic material R & D to application product development in China, graphene enterprises across the country have sprung up. By the end of 2017, there were more than 4800 graphene related enterprises nationwide, involving graphene R & D, preparation, sales, application, technical services, etc

especially in the fields of touch screen, lithium-ion battery, supercapacitor 4, sample installation, reinforced plastic, anti-corrosion coating, graphene temperature control material and other composite materials, China is at the leading level in the industrialization process of graphene. Recently, a graphene "three proofing" coating technology has been successfully developed in Qinhuangdao Economic and Technological Development Zone, which can be applied to the protection of high-temperature components of ship gas turbines and aerospace engines, effectively filling the industrial gap

the application prospect is very broad

with the continuous breakthrough of industrial technology, the commercialization and application process of graphene materials will continue to accelerate. Graphene has a broad market in the future, and has a good application prospect in energy equipment, transportation, aerospace, marine engineering equipment, etc

by 2020, the scale of graphene industrialization will make a breakthrough. Among them, the market scale of lithium batteries and super capacitors in the new energy industry will exceed 53.4 billion yuan. In the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, it will exceed 9billion yuan. In the field of thermal management, the market scale of electronic product cooling film, LED cooling material, graphene heating film and so on will exceed 34.1 billion yuan. In the field of biomedicine, graphene is applied to biosafety, nano drug delivery system, gene therapy, biological monitoring, and 21% imaging and diagnosis of biology, and the market scale will exceed 9.1 billion yuan

graphene, as the king of new materials in the 21st century, will promote the development of all walks of life by leaps and bounds. Under this good development opportunity, enterprises in the industry should follow the trend of the times, make heavy efforts in some hot development fields, find their own development path, and add new impetus to the development of graphene industry

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