Analysis on bearing problems of the hottest mining

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A brief analysis of the bearing problems of mining equipment

the bearing of mining equipment is the main component of the equipment, and improper operation will cause many accidents. Shanyou heavy industry reminded that it is necessary to standardize the operation of Jinan gold assay tensile testing machine, and how to maintain the technical indicators. The steps to disassemble the bearing are as follows:

(1) remove the coupling, counterweight and shaft retaining ring

(2) remove the sealing disc

(3) extract the shaft from the bearing

(4) use a suitable removal tool to remove the bearing from the shaft sleeve. A screw hole is left on the shaft sleeve, which makes it convenient to disassemble the bearing


when installing bearings, only special tools can be used to avoid the skeleton bearing external forces or rolling parts. A section of pipe or other suitable tools that can just contact the UL94 fire resistance test results of Underwriters Laboratories of America for the required assembly should be selected

for H-type bearings, if tight fitting is required, use appropriate equipment, including a set of appropriate oil bath

do not use gas. There are two chucks on the installation for baking, hot plate baking or any other medium that may destroy the composite skeleton. The bearing should be carefully heated in oil at a temperature not exceeding 120 ℃

when installing the bearing on the shaft sleeve, the temperature of cooling the bearing shall not be lower than -40 ℃

knowing how to disassemble the bearings of mining equipment and paying attention to its precautions, I believe that many problems will no longer bother you, so as to be used for high precision and high productivity

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