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Grandsys participated in the 2014 China call center and enterprise communication conference

from March 27 to 28, 2014, the 14th 2014 China call center and enterprise communication conference hosted by CTI forum, a professional media in the field of integrated communication, came to a successful conclusion in Beijing. Grandsys was honored to participate in this conference, and closely followed the theme of the conference, communication and cooperation in the Internet environment, and launched the corresponding customer service center solutions. During this period, Mr. huzhenhan, product director of grandsys CRM division, made a speech with the theme of voice recognition and innovative solutions of customer service center, novel solutions, wonderful speeches, which was highly praised and recognized by the guests

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the development of China's customer service center industry has gone through nearly 20 years in the wind and rain. With the evolution of the times when a ball is stuck in the collet and the development of the market, people have higher and higher requirements for customer service centers, and enterprises have higher and higher expectations for the value brought by customer service centers. The rapid technological progress and industrial reform have not only brought innovative vitality to the development of the industry, but also brought challenges to the insiders again and again. The development direction of customer service center in the future is: cloud service, multimedia and intelligent. Grandsys seized the opportunity given by the times and joined hands with interactive intelligence Inc. nasdaq:inin, the world's leading customer service center platform company, to bring enterprises multilingual and cross regional advanced cloud solutions, and independently developed innovative voice recognition applications

inin is a global supplier of unified communication solutions for contact centers, Enterprise IP communications and workflow automation systems. Based on open platforms and standard protocols, the pure software solution with integration and IP as the core values has won market recognition. In 2013, the overall performance of inin increased by 30%. In the cloud customer service system, inin company increased by 87% over the previous year, accounting for 50% of the total revenue in 2013. Among them, the cloud part contributes considerable value, and reflects the market needs and market trends. Grandsys is the only agent of inin in China, providing a complete set of unified communication solutions and CAAS solutions based on rental services. At the same time, it also provides a series of value-added services, such as software, hardware, implementation, consultation, technical support and training

in order to solve the shortcomings of traditional customer service center tools, grand does not need to be associated with PC. after years of careful research, Sys launched an innovative application scheme of speech recognition in 2013. The innovative application of speech recognition is to convert voice into text through STT (speech to text) technology, convert audio files into text, analyze massive text documents for keywords, analyze and predict the possibility of customers' future purchase based on past behavior data, and explore potential business opportunities through marketing strategy analysis

grandsys, as the pioneer of the new power line zigzag experimental machine technology in the customer service industry, has proved to be a trustworthy company with its own industry accumulation of more than 20 years. In this era of quiet change, grandsys is willing to work together with advanced customers in the customer service industry and grandsys customers to create the future with professionalism, efforts and innovation in the challenging customer service center industry

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