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China's graphene industry is moving towards application

China's graphene industry is moving towards application

2017 0 has very broad prospects for utilization. On June 20

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on June 16, Shandong innovation group began to make conventional cable day, which was hosted by China graphite industry development alliance and Heilongjiang graphite industry association, and Heilongjiang Huasheng graphite Co., Ltd The China Russia Expo graphene application Summit Forum hosted by Qitaihe baotailong new materials Co., Ltd. was held in Harbin. The meeting specially invited more than 100 senior experts, scholars, discipline leaders and core enterprise leaders in various fields of graphite new materials

At the meeting, Hu Yafeng, vice governor of Heilongjiang Province, made an important speech. He introduced the development of graphite and graphene in Heilongjiang from four aspects. First, in terms of resource reserves, Heilongjiang is the province with the largest reserves in China and even the world, and the reserve of crystalline graphite is 116 million tons, accounting for about 2/3 of the country and 1/3 of the world. At present, the whole province gives full play to its resource advantages and seizes market opportunities. The new material industry in Heilongjiang Province has formed a solid industrial foundation, strong R & D strength and good development momentum

second, from the perspective of industrial foundation, there are more than 80 graphite and graphene production enterprises in the province, with an annual production capacity of more than 800000 tons of graphite refined powder, and the production capacity of refined powder can account for more than 60% of the country. Jixi and Hegang graphite parks have begun to take shape, and industrial clusters and agglomeration effects have initially appeared. Graphene transformation processing level many high consumption, low efficiency and other mechanical products in the market are gradually eliminated and continuously improved. In the field of graphene, enterprises represented by Harbin Wanxin graphite Valley, Heilongjiang Huasheng graphite Co., Ltd. and baotailong new materials Co., Ltd. have developed rapidly. From the upstream raw material production of graphene powder to the downstream application products such as graphene conductive paste and anti-corrosion coating

third, in terms of R & D capabilities, there are 1 national technological innovation alliance, 2 graphite product quality testing centers, 1 provincial innovation service platform, and 6 provincial engineering technology research centers. The research fields of five universities including Harbin Institute of technology and Harbin Engineering mainly focus on the green preparation of graphene, large-area graphene film, graphene wave absorption, graphene heat dissipation, graphene electrode, etc. three technologies are at the world leading level, and four technologies have the industrialization level

fourth, from the perspective of development guidance, Heilongjiang has prepared the special plan for the scientific and technological development of the graphite industry (), the 13th five year development plan for the graphite industry in Heilongjiang Province, and the three-year special action plan for the graphene industry in Heilongjiang Province. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, we will spare no efforts to build "one center and two bases", that is, to build "Harbin graphite new material research and development and high-end product manufacturing and trading center", and to establish "Hegang and Jixi graphite production and processing bases". The goal is to build Heilongjiang into a national key industrial agglomeration integrating graphite mine mining, scientific research and development, and graphite new material manufacturing, It has become the leader in the development of graphite and new graphite materials industry nationwide and even globally

Li Yichun, Secretary General of China graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance, believes that the key to the development of graphene lies in its application, and China is also doing the best in industrialized application. The alliance released the 2017 graphene industry development report, which is expected to reach 100 billion sales in 2020, and there is no problem to enter 10 billion in 2018. Graphene has also made great achievements in product transformation. In particular, Heilongjiang has formed a graphene industry cluster, which has formed a good situation in China and laid a good foundation for the domestic graphene industry. Last year, 700 enterprises registered in China

in the next step, the alliance will establish a graphene heavy-duty anti-corrosion working group. First, heavy-duty anti-corrosion applications will be demonstrated in PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC. Second, the graphene hot film is used as a demonstration of coal to electricity, with an annual target of 100 square meters

Professor Xie Liujin of Heilongjiang Huasheng graphite Co., Ltd. introduced the characteristics of carbon nano material film: the film is only formed on the friction surface during the friction process. By oil degradation products, everyone will know our address rice particles, friction and wear appear small particles of material. It is porous, with oil adsorbed on the surface, and there will be no dry friction after the machine stops for a long time. The layer thickness is less than a few microns. The film will not fall off under the influence of other solvents and other non grinding methods

At the meeting, Qitaihe Municipal People's government, Heilongjiang Huasheng graphite Co., Ltd. and baotailong New Material Co., Ltd. made new material industry and project promotion respectively. Huasheng Company signed contracts with the school of chemistry and chemical engineering of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Huasheng Company and the Institute of future industry of the University of South Australia, baotailong and Harbin Institute of technology, baotailong and Huasheng Company respectively

it is reported that China attaches great importance to the development of graphene industry. In 2016, there were more than 400 graphene related product manufacturers, and the sales of graphene related products reached about 3 billion yuan. At present, the annual capacity of graphene in the world has reached 100 tons, and it is expected that the annual capacity of graphene will reach 1000 tons in the next five to ten years; By 2020, the scale of graphene industrialization will reach 100 billion

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