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Layout design art - personal ideas (Part 2)

5 Boldly leave blank

the blank of the page is an effective means to inject vitality into the page. Boldly leaving large areas and blanks is the embodiment of modern book layout design consciousness. Appropriate and reasonable blank space can convey the designer's elegant aesthetic taste, break the rigid routine, make the layout transparent, cheerful, jumping and fresh, and cause the readers a light and pleasant stimulation visually, so that their eyesight can be relaxed and rested. Of course, large blanks cannot be used indiscriminately. Once they are blank, there must be echoes and transitions, so as not to form for form, resulting in the emptiness of the layout

6. Patterned Book eyebrows

Book eyebrows not only have the function of convenient retrieval, but also have the function of decoration. Generally, the eyebrow only occupies one line and is only composed of horizontal lines and words. While making eyebrows with patterns is very exaggerated, it is still appropriate, which makes the characteristics of the expressed object more distinctive and prominent, and produces an amazing beauty

7. Increase the page number and font size

the air circulation system generally adopts a structure that can regulate the air supply direction; There are two kinds of humidification systems: Boiler humidification and surface evaporation; Cooling and strict technical standards. The dehumidification system adopts the refrigeration structure under air conditioning conditions; The heating system adopts two structures: Electric fin heating and electric furnace wire direct heating; The temperature and humidity test method adopts the dry and wet ball test method. The page number of the eyebrow breaks through the use of five characters and uses large characters, which is combined with the eyebrow to form an organic whole. After spreading out the pages, the double and single size pages take the stapling port as the axis of symmetry, and the two numbers are at the head of the left and right incisions respectively, standing opposite each other in a symmetrical manner, making the eyebrows of the book look like flying eyebrows, which is very innovative. It plays a role in regulating the atmosphere of the book and making the finishing point

8. form and content corresponding

I saw a book "Meidu Lianzhu" in the bookstore, which is a collection of couplets of Guilin landscape scenic spots collected from all over the country in 1990. The layout of this book is delicate and elegant, and the form and content correspond and coincide, which not only reflects the sense of traditional culture, but also has a strong modern flavor, highlighting the book characteristics of the new couplets. Its layout design mainly has the following characteristics:

they have advanced user interface and control system (1) straight arrangement. The straight arrangement of couplets is a traditional form in China. Only the straight arrangement form can match the couplet form

(2) use No. 4 long imitation row couplets to make them beautiful and eye-catching, and have the characteristics of traditional books; The title is in block letters with number three, which deliberately highlights the flavor of Chinese calligraphy handwriting; The author's name is four black. This font is a modern and contemporary font, which implies that the writers of these couplets are contemporary people

(3) all the pages of the book are surrounded by civil and military borders, because civil and military borders are one of the most distinctive forms in traditional Chinese Book editions

(4) the title of the book and the name of the scenic spots on the eyebrow are the number one flat book of Song Dynasty. This font is not available in ancient times, but also intended to imply that this is a couplet book written by contemporary people

9. The whole body version of two noble relatives is the latest confirmed Shakespeare's plays in recent years. The publication of its Chinese translation has increased the number of Shakespeare's plays in the original Chinese version from 37 to 38. The layout design of this book adopts the whole body version to deepen the theme. Each act is a series of seals, and turning the pages is just like opening the curtain of the stage; Each scene has a picture, just like showing a visual scene on the stage; There are five acts and twenty scenes, one act and one big interval, and one small rest. All characters and scenes are vividly displayed in great detail. Reading this book is like watching a play with many acts and many scenes. The layout design of this book highlights and strengthens the characteristics of the script as an art form, tempting readers to read it step by step

through the changes of the size and specifications of various pictures, the plates are alive but not scattered, and they are constantly divided. With their rich pictures, they run through the whole book, making the whole book form an orderly formation, with a strong sense of rhythm and integrity. In this way, the layout design of two noble relatives highlights the spirit of Shakespeare's plays and shows independent and thought-provoking formal beauty in application

to be fair, it is difficult to require every book produced by every designer to have an original layout design face; However, we should think carefully about every book we design, but it is not too demanding

to be fair, it is difficult for every designer to have a keen sense of formal beauty; However, consciously applying the law of formal beauty to design is not unreasonable

to be fair, it is impossible to require every book's layout design to be painstaking; However, it is not allowed to be careless about the layout design of key books, which is by no means critical

the above-mentioned layout design is to understand the spirit of the manuscript, and express the characteristics of the basic content of the manuscript with artistic layout design forms, achieving the purpose of being unforgettable

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