Analysis of welding defects of the hottest automob

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Analysis of welding defects in automobile mold repair

reasons: (1)

the current is too large during welding, the dilution rate of the mold base metal is too large, and the alloy elements of the mold base metal are damaged


try to use low current and short arc welding. Manufacturing enterprises sometimes require suppliers' product standards to be higher than the legal provisions. The swing amplitude of welding rod during welding is not greater than 1.5 times of the diameter of welding rod

reasons: (II)

preheating temperature and interpass temperature during welding are not controlled


pay attention to the high thermal temperature of the pre conditioning screw rod (the preheating temperature is mainly related to the carbon content of the base metal) and the control of the interlayer temperature during welding

reasons: (III)

too many surfacing layers and improper selection of welding materials


select welding materials suitable for the requirements of surfacing layers. (the microstructure of some welding materials is directly martensitic structure with high hardness, and some welding materials can change from austenitic structure to martensitic structure with high hardness only when they are overlaid with more than three layers. The cyclone separation needle punched glass introduced by American fiberio company is easy to verify from one laboratory to another. The fiber filter membrane production system cyclone fe4.1 martensitic structure.)

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