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Graphene "unique technology" solves the problem of photolysis of water to produce hydrogen

it was learned from the University of science and technology of China that the research team led by Professor Luo Yi of Hefei National Laboratory of micro scale material science, using first principle calculation, proposed the first integrated material system design for photolysis of water to produce hydrogen and store hydrogen. This scheme has the advantages of low cost, versatility and safe hydrogen storage. The relevant results were published in nature · communication a few days ago

hydrogen economy is a "perfect" sustainable energy scheme proposed in the 1970s, which is driven by inexhaustible sunlight to decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen

aiming at the problems of serious reverse reaction and difficult separation and storage of hydrogen in the process of hydrogen production from water with ball screw like photolysis, researchers have been inspired by the previous research work: graphene can isolate all gases and liquids, but it can "open one side" to protons and release them generously. Based on this feature, a sandwich structure composed of two-dimensional carbon nitrogen materials and graphene based materials is designed

in this sandwich large paper enterprise's main business revenue growth structure system, carbon and nitrogen materials are sandwiched in two layers of functional group modified graphene. The first principle calculation shows that excitons are generated by solar energy, which quickly separate to form high-energy electrons and holes, and migrate to the middle carbon nitrogen material and the outer graphene material respectively. With the help of photogenerated holes, water molecules adsorbed on the active sites of graphene based materials split and produce protons. Driven by the built-in electrostatic field on the carbon nitrogen material, these generated protons can penetrate the graphene material, move to the internal two-dimensional carbon nitrogen material, and react with electrons to produce hydrogen

since only hydrogen atoms (protons) are chamfered in graphene, and the hydrogen produced by photolysis of water cannot penetrate graphene materials, the hydrogen molecules produced by photolysis of water will be safely retained in the sandwich composite system, inhibiting the occurrence of reverse reaction, and realizing safe hydrogen storage under high hydrogen storage rate

this system ingeniously inhibits the reverse reaction of photolysis of water to produce hydrogen at a low cost, and realizes the effective purification of hydrogen. It will solve the most difficult two bottleneck problems of hydrogen separation and safe storage and transportation for the large-scale application of hydrogen energy, and open the door for the restart of "1. The experimental steel ball shall not be larger than the specified size in the era of hydrogen energy economy"

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