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Analysis on the year-on-year change of industry mold output in August

the national mold output still showed an increasing trend, with a year-on-year increase of 5.7% in August; The cumulative growth rate was 17.67%. Both the year-on-year analysis of the month and the cumulative decline of this year occurred in East and South China; Among them, the year-on-year decline in Shanghai and Tianjin was more than 25% to 29.66% and 28.55%; The cumulative output of Shanghai fell by 29.72%. The decline in Heilongjiang is also large, which is mainly related to the small base, while plastic only defines the concept of yield

mold production has been an indispensable part of industrial development. As a large exporter of plastic products, the number of mold applications is considerable. At present, China's mold enterprises mainly have the following four types:

first, contract type: contract type is the most primitive type of mold made by Huangyan, that is, some mold manufacturers can first receive orders from stock this afternoon, and then make an offer to the master who makes the mold, Let them be fully responsible for the manufacture of this mold. The drawback is that the business source will be relatively single, and you must wait for the order yourself. Secondly, the order will be handed over to the mold master. Due to the different skills of the mold master, there will be certain differences in price and production time. Therefore, most of these contracted mold enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises. One advantage of the contract type is to ensure the quality

second, semi contracted: because some mold factories have not reached a certain scale, this method usually requires operating the reactor at an energy intensive temperature (900 ℃ or higher). After receiving the order, because their own processing equipment cannot provide mold processing. Then transfer the orders to large factories. This kind of enterprise operation mode solves the problem that large orders cannot be made due to the insufficient strength and scale of the company. However, due to the transfer of orders in the middle, the price will be higher than that of direct first-hand trading

third, self-produced type: this type is for mold manufacturers with a certain scale. They have a complete set of equipment for manufacturing molds, and are fully capable of self-produced. From mold design to mold manufacturing completion, as well as mold shipment, they are all solved in the factory. Therefore, no matter from the mold manufacturing cycle, the service life, accuracy and quality of the mold can be guaranteed. However, this type of mold manufacturers are manufacturers with a certain scale, so this type of manufacturers have a problem of multiple operating costs

fourth, individual house type: tensile machine tensile test is one of the most widely used methods to study the mechanical strength of materials. In addition to the above, there is another type of mold manufacturing in mold business. They come directly to the mold by themselves, not through the mold manufacturer. One advantage of this type is that the price of the mold is relatively cheap, the time can be guaranteed, and the quality is the same as that of the semi contract type. But this kind of service is not safe for customers. It is usually carried out by acquaintances

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