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On September 24, 2017 China International graphene Innovation Conference is about to kick off in Nanjing. At the three-day event, more than 100 graphene scientific research and innovation achievements collected from home and abroad will be displayed, which are close to the needs of people's livelihood, promote the development of manufacturing industry, as well as the key preparation of graphene, making the previously "tall" graphene properties that seem mysterious, Realize the visible and touchable innovative application of "grounding gas"

close to people's living needs

one of the challenges faced by wearable devices is to try to seek wider international cooperation. At present, most smart watches and bracelets are not delicate, durable and beautiful, let alone smart clothing. Manchester, UK, explained that the customer has created a new breakthrough technology. In 2015, researchers from the University published a paper in the Journal of scientific report under Nature Publishing Group, saying that graphene has proved to be an important element of wearable electronic devices because of its high conductivity, ultra-thin, flexible and strong characteristics

at this graphene Innovation Conference, the graphene flexible electric heating film developed by Chinese researchers according to people's daily needs will be displayed, and different forms of flexible graphene heating film will be produced through different production methods, which can be applied to intelligent wearable devices. Among them, graphene intelligent heating clothing integrates the functions of heat preservation and hyperthermia, and can meet people's needs for heat treatment and warmth preservation at any time. Applying it to smart home as a heating product can achieve intelligent temperature control, energy conservation, environmental protection, beauty and practicality, which is in line with the heating regulations of the national coal to electricity policy

in the latest popular TV program extreme challenge, the pursuit and protection of "graphene battery" files are taken as a thrilling link. In the scientific community, in recent years, the research on graphene battery has been working hard. The ultimate goal is to develop a low-cost, high stability, lightweight graphene battery with a life of 20 times that of lithium battery, which will greatly improve the configuration level of wearable devices. In order to let the audience experience the magic of graphene batteries, this graphene Innovation Conference specially set up 2017 China International graphene Material Application Expo, which covers an area of 20000 square meters and gathers more than 200 exhibitors, in which various batteries made of graphene materials and practical wearable products will be displayed

the application of graphene in agriculture is even more amazing. Among the innovative achievements of this exhibition, graphene sol was prepared by electrochemical method, graphene powder was prepared by drying process, and it was compounded with chemical fertilizer to make a new fertilizer graphene synergistic compound fertilizer. In the experimental planting of lettuce, radish and other crops, the effects of fertilizer saving, yield increasing, low-carbon and environmental protection were explored, and new ideas for the application of nano materials in the agricultural field were developed

play a major role in the manufacturing industry

in order to implement the "made in China 2025" plan to transform from a large country with manufacturing cracks extending to a surface less than 100 microns to a manufacturing power, the State Council proposed to promote the transformation of basic technology research to applied technology research in 15 key industrial fields during the 13th Five Year Plan period, among which graphene, as a separate strategic cutting-edge material, was listed. Experts believe that graphene will have great potential to promote the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, from the middle and low end of the international industrial division chain to the middle and high end

among the more than 100 graphene innovations in this exhibition, the graphene reinforced metal matrix composites brought by Professor Leng Jinfeng from the school of materials science and engineering of Jinan University attracted the praise of many judges. This new material has high strength, high plasticity and high toughness, which not only integrates the advantages of silicon carbide aluminum matrix composites, aluminum alloys and other materials, but also can make up for its shortcomings. Without significantly increasing the number, chengdongjiakou economic zone is one of the top 10 functional zones in Qingdao West Coast New Area, and can be used as key materials in aerospace vehicles, rail vehicles and other fields

at present, countries around the world, especially the United States, Denmark and France, strictly restrict the content of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and their emissions in coatings used in shipbuilding industry. China has a market of up to 200 billion yuan of anticorrosive coatings, of which the demand for marine heavy-duty anticorrosive coatings has an average annual growth rate of more than 20%. Xue qunji, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, pointed out: "graphene heavy-duty anticorrosive coating is of great significance to national security and marine economic development. We should combine all forces to expand and do a good job in the graphene heavy-duty anticorrosive coating industry."

therefore, with the efforts of six academicians, China graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance (cgia) and Beijing Huanneng Huaqing graphene Technology Development Co., Ltd. initiated the establishment of the "graphene anti-corrosion application promotion working group" to promote the application of graphene based heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings with independent intellectual property rights in China, so as to achieve the unification of long-term anti-corrosion and functionalization, lightweight and environmental protection under the harsh marine atmospheric environment, Compared with the traditional heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating, the anti-corrosion performance is improved by 3-6 times. In addition, the working group specially set up a forum on the application of graphene in the anticorrosive coating industry at this graphene conference, and strongly invited famous scholars from Pennsylvania State University, Danish University of science and technology, and Ningbo Institute of materials technology and engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as relevant enterprises to discuss the future application development, and will also display different kinds of graphene modified epoxy powder coatings and other products

breakthrough preparation to open up the industrial chain

in order to build a complete graphene industrial chain, the development guide for new materials industry prepared by the Ministry of industry and information technology in conjunction with the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of science and technology clearly puts forward requirements for breakthroughs in common key technologies such as large-scale preparation of graphene materials and measurement and characterization of micro nano structures, so as to accelerate the industrialization

Dr. Yu Geliang, a core researcher of the graphene laboratory at the University of Manchester in the UK and a technical expert of the national graphene Research Institute, will show at the conference a mechanical stripping two-dimensional material system developed by him, which makes it possible to produce high-quality and high-volume graphene, and the intelligent control of the system has reached the international leading level, This achievement is in line with the requirements of the notice on printing and distributing the development plan of the new generation of artificial intelligence issued by the State Council

the preparation technology and formula of high-quality water-soluble graphene quantum dots brought by shenshuling, associate professor of School of materials science and engineering, Shanghai University of technology, is expected to realize the industrialized production of graphene quantum dots in large quantities and at low cost. In an interview with science and technology, Lu Hongbin, Professor of Polymer Science Department of Fudan University, commented on this, "Because zero dimensional graphene quantum dots with a size below 10nm show stronger quantum confinement effect and boundary effect, they have important application prospects in optoelectronic devices, biological imaging, light-emitting diodes and sensors, and even targeted cancer treatment in the future. However, the current preparation methods generally have the problems of cumbersome steps and low yield, so it is obvious that this research direction is very valuable."

Dr. Li Yichun, Secretary General of China graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance, said in an interview with science and technology: "China has become the locomotive of the global graphene industry, which is related to China's demand and attention to the industry. Hundreds of scientific research achievements at home and abroad gathered at this conference will be displayed and connected through the international graphene conference, a platform for the transformation of scientific research and innovation achievements, reflecting the vitality and potential of China's graphene industry innovation, and also highlighting the great significance of this conference in leading and accelerating the transformation of industry, University, research and application."

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