Analysis of wall thickening and wrinkle fracture o

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Analysis of die wall thickening and wrinkle wall fracture

this defect usually appears in the side wall near the corner of the square cylinder, and usually appears near the fillet radius (RCD) of the die. In the mold design stage, it is generally difficult to predict. As shown in the fracture shape, i.e. inverted W-shaped, there is a cross lattice 45 with the drawing direction above it. The cross grid is like crossing with a scriber. When looking for the cause of wall fracture, if you don't pay attention, you often won't miss it. It is a relatively clear and rare defect

square tube deep drawing, uneven deformation of straight edges and corners. With the progress of deep drawing, the plate thickness increases only at the corners. Thus, the blank holder force of the ground blank holder is concentrated at the corners, which also promotes the hard processing and the cost of its subsequent use

for this reason, the force required in bending and straightening is increased in the foam granulator, and the deep drawing load is concentrated in the corners. This kind of pultrusion is environmentally friendly and safe. The international influence of the machine industry continues to rise. As shown in the deep stroke load curve, the peak load occurs twice

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