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Characteristics of new digital label printing machine

the printing technology in the label market is complex, and many start-ups hope to enter the market through low-cost solutions. Today's digital label printing machine, which can meet the requirements of aircraft thick and large cross-section structure for strength and stress corrosion cracking, adopts various digital printing technologies we are familiar with. The printing units with high production speed include electrostatic photography and heat transfer online units based on carbon powder

flexographic printing is still the leader in the label printing market. Flexographic printing adopts polyester printing plate, which has high printing resolution and can directly image on substrates such as ethylene or paper in recent years. This printing method is fast, economical and widely used in the field of labels. Flexographic printing is suitable for label printing, mainly because it can use a variety of spot colors, including Pantone color, fluorescent color and metal color. When we count and then completely lock the black rotary type printer to print labels, the spot color we can use is relatively limited

HP indigo printing machine has achieved great success in the market. Among them, the most popular WS4500 indigo printing machine now also has a stronger brother model WS600 than itself. This device will be officially launched in early 2009

Saikang 3300 is very popular in the market. This device has a resolution of 1200dpi and a fifth imaging unit specially used for spot color or white printing

EFI's single channel UV printer can print 4 or 6 colors with UV curing ink at a resolution of 1000dpi; Solarjet of sunchem is an independent UV ink-jet label printer with a sear 760 print head (4 colors, 900900dpi)

this printer is equipped with a Searle 760 print head, so it can bring users a visual resolution of 900 900dpi. The company also let its own ink experts develop sunjetuv inks specially used on solarjet printers. The maximum printing speed of this four-color printing machine is 80 feet/minute, and the printing width is between 2.1 and 6.3 meters

the Caslon inkjet printer of nubotai company in Denmark adopts the SEL 1001 gray-scale print head, which has 4 print strips, and each print strip is equipped with 5 or 6 print heads. This single channel printing system using UV curing ink can reach a maximum of 720 360D. It can only deal with the resolution of the tension value PI alone

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