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Characteristics of solventless compounding technology

solventless compounding technology is developed on the basis of solvent compounding due to the rising cost of organic solvents caused by the oil crisis in the 1970s and the rising global environmental protection requirements. It must be operated under the guidance of skilled staff, especially with the increasingly strict restrictions on the emission of organic solvents in various countries, flexible packaging manufacturers generally adopt solvent-free compounding to replace the traditional solvent compounding technology when expanding the compounding production capacity. For example, in North America, there were only 26 solvent-free laminating machines in 1992. In the past eight years, this number has doubled several times. Over the past decade, solvent-free composite technology has developed rapidly in the world, led by Europe. Its main features are:

1.100% binder, no solvent residue, reducing the pollution of packaging contents, especially food and drugs

2. Higher running speed. At present, the speed of the equipment can be as high as 480m/min

3. Less binder consumption. Relevant calculations show that. Compared with domestic solvent-free adhesive, the consumption cost of solvent-free adhesive can be reduced by 29%

4 Lower energy consumption for equipment operation

5. Better return on investment. The investment efficiency of solvent-free compounding machine is twice that of solvent-based compounding machine

6. The danger of organic solvent transportation and storage is reduced

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