Features of the most popular digital voice phasor

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Features of digital voice phasor

3 There is an automatic power switch inside the digital voice core phase instrument, which turns on the power automatically when in use and turns off automatically when not in use, which is convenient and energy-saving

technical parameters of digital voice phasor

1. Accuracy of phase difference: error ≤ 5 °

2. Frequency accuracy: ± 0.1Hz

3. The measured voltage level of this product is 6kv-220kv

4. The transmission distance between the transmitter and the receiving host is greater than 130 meters. 8. Deformation measurement: equipped with American precision long displacement digital large deformation measurement device, the maximum distance between the two transmitters is about 260 meters

5. The result judgment (in-phase and out of phase) adopts class a standard. If the phase difference is ≥ 30 °, it is out of phase, and if the phase difference is 30 °, it is in phase

6. Human voice prompt, Male voice "in phase", female voice "out of phase, please pay attention" 。

7. The screen displays the phase difference, frequency, waveform and loss diagram of the two lines at the same time

8. The host displays the battery power and automatically shuts down without operation for half an hour

9. Both transmitters and receivers have built-in rechargeable lithium batteries

10. It has the function of high-voltage electricity verification and phase sequence verification

11. During high voltage measurement, the leakage current is 10uA on the basis of different fixtures

12. The working power consumption of the transmitter is 0.1W, and that of the receiving host is 0.3w

13. The lithium battery capacity of the host is about 2200mAh, and the battery capacity of the transmitter is about 350mah

14. Working environment: -35 ℃ --- 45 ℃ humidity ≤ 95% RH

15. Storage environment: -40 ℃ --- 55 ℃ humidity ≤ 95% RH

16. Machine weight: About 5kg

17. Instrument package size: 71cm long * 26cm wide * 11cm high


1 Self detect whether the phase instrument is good

first insert the test line and knowledge about material properties into the instrument socket, and the other end into the 220V power supply. At this time, there are three reactions as described in Table 4. If there are three reactions, it means it is good. If there is no three reactions, it means there is a problem and it cannot be used

2. Use a multimeter to check whether the high-voltage wiring is connected

3. Test header matters:

if the above method is normal, the nuclear phase instrument can be officially verified. If the nuclear phase instrument is known to be normal, it can also be used directly without detection. If there is no voltage display during the test, the battery voltage is insufficient, and another battery should be replaced. You can open the instrument shell and replace it with a new 9V laminated battery. Note: when the battery voltage is lower than 6V, there is no sound prompt. As long as the voltage is not lower than 4.5V, it can be displayed correctly

5. Prediction phasor:

before the formal phasor, check whether the phasor is good in the same electrical system. One person contacts the a rod with one of the conductors, and the other person contacts the B rod with the same conductor phase by phase. There are three reactions in different phases and no three reactions in the same phase as described in Table 4. Then the nuclear phase can be formalized

6. Formal operation:

nuclear phase operation should be carried out by three people, two people for operation and one person for supervision. It must be operated and recorded one by one, and whether the phase is determined according to the "three yes and three no" described in Table 4. The nuclear phase operation shall carefully implement the regulations and systems formulated by the unit

7. Keep safe:

during operation, human body shall not touch nuclear phase instruments, high-voltage wires and grounding wires, and a safe distance shall be maintained

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