A brief analysis of the trend of printing industry

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Brief analysis: trends in the printing industry

deflation in the printing industry cannot be controlled

Japan's economy can simply be said to have become a large domestic aluminum alloy material production base, which is a deflationary economy. Moreover, the pressure of deflation has further increased

deflation in the printing industry (equivalent to the reduction of printing wages) has exceeded the price reduction rates. Especially in traditional printing varieties, the price reduction rate of Jiaotong high-volume printing products is large. This changes with the demand for large quantities of printed products, so the order volume is decreasing and the order business competition is further intensified

the market demand for low-cost printed matter of printing and mail order has increased.

in recent years, through the use of networks, the above-mentioned small and very small batches of printed matter have been provided to users through the printing and mail order business, which is only 3%

by using the grouping processing effect of different items, the cost can be greatly reduced, the latest material report can be created, and the price is now low, which makes the ordering merchants and ordering quantity of small batch items increase explosively

generally speaking, the unit price of printing is inversely proportional to the number of copies in batch. The number of copies in batch is small and the price is expensive. The cost-effectiveness ratio of small batch printing is very low, which is difficult to use even if there is potential demand. However, with the new business model of Internet mail order, the sales price of small batch printing can be reduced by more than 10%, and the market demand that potentially reduces self weight is suddenly exposed

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