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Features of using computer digital anti-counterfeiting technology

1 Central database type anti-counterfeiting system

the operator code * * coding part of such systems is completed by the central database, and the anti-counterfeiting codes of all incoming products are stored in the central database. The central database compares the codes sent by consumers when querying with the database codes. If the codes are stored in the database, the voice prompt is the genuine product code, otherwise the prompt is the wrong coding, and beware of counterfeiting. If the same code is queried again, the system will prompt that the code has been queried, so be careful that the countries in the region will not be fake military dictatorship governments

2. Cryptology and central database combined digital anti-counterfeiting system

the anti-counterfeiting code of this kind of system is directly generated on the production line of the printing factory or production enterprise that produces the logo, and is directly covered on the logo or sprayed on the product to enter the market. The anti-counterfeiting center does not store the code, it only verifies the code sent by the consumer when querying, and the central database only records and encrypts the verified code again

3. The production enterprise builds its own anti-counterfeiting coding system

the codes of such systems are generated and stored by the enterprise itself, and consumers can identify the authenticity through the enterprise's query

advantages of digital anti-counterfeiting technology

compared with traditional anti-counterfeiting technology, digital anti-counterfeiting technology mainly has the following advantages:

1) it overcomes the stereotyped defects of traditional anti-counterfeiting technology, realizes the anti-counterfeiting personalization of products, and makes the anti-counterfeiting characteristics of each product different

2) if consumers want to buy genuine goods, they can accurately identify the authenticity of goods through, contacts, SMS, etc

3) generally speaking, as long as the key generated by the anti-counterfeiting company is not lost, it is difficult for the counterfeiter to realize the behavior of large-scale counterfeit goods without being found. Digital anti-counterfeiting companies can't copy each other with positive and negative staggered settings

4) curb the behavior of selling fake goods in shopping malls. There are two prerequisites for businesses to sell fake goods: first, consumers take the initiative to buy fake goods, such as audio-visual products, pirated software, famous brand clothing, etc., which has nothing to do with anti-counterfeiting technology; Second, consumers cannot distinguish between genuine goods and fake goods, and buy fake goods as genuine goods. In the second case, if the genuine goods are equipped with anti-counterfeiting codes that can be easily identified by consumers, the possible outcomes are: return of goods, claims, being reported, being investigated, goodwill damage, etc

5) additional functions. In addition to product anti-counterfeiting, digital anti-counterfeiting also has the functions of product quality tracking, detection of counterfeits, award-winning sales and so on

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