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Characteristics of electrochemical aluminum foil hot stamping

as an important process of packaging and decoration printing, electrochemical aluminum foil hot stamping plays an important role in trademark printing, which is deeply appreciated by businesses and is increasingly widely used. However, hot stamping is different from general packaging and decoration printing, and the process technology has great particularity. Therefore, we must fully grasp the technical characteristics in order to hot print exquisite products and add icing on the cake for packaging and printing

characteristics of electrochemical aluminum foil hot stamping

electrochemical aluminum is also called hot stamping foil, which is the main material for hot stamping. It is mainly composed of two thin layers, namely, polyester film substrate and transfer layer. The basic structure is divided into base film layer, alcohol soluble dyeing resin layer, aluminized layer and adhesive layer

electrochemical aluminum has two categories: roll foil and sheet foil. Reel foil is divided into different models according to the ironing materials, mainly including No. 1, No. 8, No. 12, No. 15, No. 18 and general-purpose types. For example, it is divided into gold, silver, brown red, light blue, black, bright red, green, etc. according to the color. Various types of anodized aluminum have different properties, and the suitable ironing materials are also different

for example, No. 1 electrochemical aluminum is suitable for hot stamping on light ink as the background color, * a good way is to stretch the experimental machine to * strong force, and then start to keep the position of the beam stationary on loose paper, leather, lacquer cloth, silk, plexiglass and hard plastic; No. 8 electrochemical aluminum is suitable for hot stamping on paper, varnished cloth and leather; No. 18 electrochemical aluminum is suitable for hot stamping on paper products and leather with dark ink and thick lines; The single pure gold foil is suitable for the hot stamping of book covers made of lacquer cloth, silk, leather and other materials; Gold foil and silver foil are suitable for hot stamping book covers made of cloth, paper, silk and other materials; Silver foil is suitable for hot stamping book covers made of cloth, vinyl, leather and other materials

during hot stamping, the hot stamping foil is in contact with the substrate, and the transfer layer is fused and transferred to the surface of the substrate by virtue of heat and pressure. After the hot stamping is completed, the rubber low-temperature brittleness tester can be used to evaluate and confirm products such as electricians, electronics, automotive appliances, materials, etc., and the polyester film is stripped together with the parts that have not been transferred

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