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Features of medium speed wire walking controller

at present, the programming and control software on the market is based on MS-DOS system and ISA bus development, but ISA bus has long been eliminated, so such a new motherboard can not be bought on the market at all, and manufacturers can only choose the obsolete old motherboard to replace it. However, as a computer for industrial control, it has strict requirements for stability, and such an old computer simply cannot meet the requirements

in addition, we know that the MS-DOS system was born in the 1980s. The conventional memory of the DOS system is limited to 640kb. After loading a series of drivers, only a dozen KB are left to the programming and control system. Therefore, due to system limitations, the number of processing code segments of the wire cutting programming and control system developed based on DOS cannot exceed 1000, otherwise it cannot read processing or processing errors; DOS system does not support USB flash disk and network, so data exchange has become a bottleneck

under such a background, Shanghai Yiguang grandly launched a Special WEDM system running on Windows system based on AutoCAD programming and control integration. The real 32-bit program is compatible with all mainstream computers at present (it supports all mainstream mainboards, CPUs, large memory and large hard disks, and the system can stably support from Windows98 to WindowsVista; AutoCAD can stably support from CAD.)

The development and launch of the special system for wire cutting in

has injected new blood into the whole wire cutting industry. This bright new star is bound to become the mainstream programming and control system in the wire cutting industry

Some highlights of the wire feeding programming and control system in

are as follows:

1. The software adopts 32-bit programming and can run stably on Windows98 WindowsVista

2. The motion control card adopts PCI interface and is compatible with all mainstream computers at present

3. The software programming part is directly embedded in AutoCAD. In addition to having all the functions of AutoCAD, the CAD function is also expanded, so that AutoCAD software can directly read the files or codes of commonly used software for wire cutting, such as dat file of autop, 3b format file, ISO code and 2nc format file of HF. The above formats can be directly read into AutoCAD for secondary programming, modification, annotation and a series of operations

4. Draw gears, racks, Archimedes and parabolas directly in AutoCAD. Even you can program Chinese characters directly in CAD. The software will automatically process and trim the outline of Chinese characters, making the processing of Chinese characters and letters extremely simple

5. You can not only set the processing path and processing compensation in AutoCAD, but also directly set the processing parameters in AutoCAD (such as: pulse width, inter pulse, grouping, number of power tubes, as well as the setting of tracking speed and wire walking speed.), You can even save your current processing parameters to the database, which can be named directly in Chinese. When you next process the same workpiece, you can call it directly

6. Our software optimizes the taper task. You can directly set the taper, synthesize the upper and lower special shapes, and set multiple cutting in CAD. Not only that, the software also supports variable taper programming, transitional taper programming, etc. we can also directly carry out three-dimensional dynamic display in CAD, preview the processed products, and identify whether the programming is correct

7. The software supports back cut corner clearing, and can set the corner clearing amount and method (such as 45 degree method or 90 degree method). Whether the hanger boom is straight

8, wire transportation, water pump, high frequency, etc. are all software switches. You can click the mouse or press the keyboard shortcut to switch

9. Processing code optimization scheme, millions of codes can be easily compiled and processed

10. In addition to the routine functions of automatic center finding and edge finding, the software also supports manual alarm for nondestructive edge finding. It is easy to find edges by warning the horn. Because there is no need to turn on the high frequency, it can do without damage and replace the combined cushion workpiece regularly

11. It exclusively supports the simultaneous programming and processing of the straight line and taper of the same template, greatly reducing the trouble of frequent step skipping or repeated programming, and improving the processing efficiency and accuracy problems caused by frequent step skipping

12. Support the linear taper processing function, and you can set the taper of the start point and the taper of the end point, so as to compile and process the linear taper

13. The processing interface supports the switching actions of the software, such as wire transportation, water pump, high frequency, etc., and its stability is unmatched by mechanical switches

14. Parts with different soft wall thickness need to be more cautious in overseas investment in injection molding machines and modified plastics in the future, and support multi language packs. At present, they can stably support simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English and Russian

15. The software not only supports metric system, but also English system. You can also convert at any time through the built-in metric English system conversion module of the software

16. The software has a built-in taper parameter calculator, which can reverse the taper parameters such as the elevation and base plane of the computer bed according to the trial machined workpiece

17. When processing, the software will calculate the efficiency in real time through the material thickness you set, and it can also calculate the time to complete in real time

18. Common graphics generation tools have been prepared for you in the processing module. You can get conventional processing graphics (such as the rapid generation of circles, squares, serpentine lines, etc.) through simple settings in the processing interface, which greatly facilitates the preparation of simple graphics

19. If you know how to write 3B code, you can directly input graphics through our 3B code input tool in the processing interface. Of course, you can also copy 3B code compiled in other software for immediate processing

20. In the processing interface, you can open our unique TSK format file by clicking the open file button, and you can also directly read 3B code files. Of course, you can also directly output the processing codes of these two formats in CAD programming

21. You can set the pause point at will. When you set the pause point, the processing will automatically enter the pause mode after reaching the position you set. You can also decide whether to turn off the wire transport and water pump after the pause according to your settings

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